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We’ve somehow adopted a collective viral belief system that life is sufferance. That life is unsafe and is to be endured. That happiness is not for us; it cannot be attained or maintained and that we must always struggle through it in survival or fight mode.

As such, we’re witnessing many global atrocities. Horrors of war, rape, attacks, and annihilation of our fellow human beings are being amplified, inflicted by those who believe they have power over us or believe that they have been wronged and seek revenge.

Through suppression and oppression, fear and force tactics, distorted individuals and their insanity create suffering.

And we have kept ourselves in these sufferance chains because of our mental confusion and detachment from our own divinity.

This disconnection is created by our inability to reconcile back with our true sovereign self, buried under all the layers of inherited beliefs, societal conditioning, external projections, manipulation, distortion, powerplays and acquired wounding along our paths.

We believe life must be this way.

Yet, we have always had free will to subscribe to any belief system that we choose.


Suffering is an illusion humanity has subscribed to for eons

It was our free-will choice to experience suffering for our evolution and aid the planet’s rise and ascension out of this energetically dense 3D simulation.

For generations, we, humanity, have been at war with ourselves consumed by our own suffering.

Our hearts and minds conflicted, unable to reconcile with our own divinity as we believe our faith in ‘God’ (or source, the divine, a divine being, or a higher power etc) has failed us again and again in multiple individual and collective experiences and in our confusion, and we’ve suffered needlessly.

Yet our soul can never be harmed, even in our suffering, it remains pure. We are infinite, immortal source energy.

And the truth is, even in our darkest times, we have never been separated from our divinity or denied access to unconditional love. It has always been accessible to us as it is boundless, eternal and abundant.


Reconciling our heart and mind

Reconnecting back to our own heart, subsequently our divinity, is the aim of this ascension game. Yet it is not enough to know it with the mind, we must embody it with every atom of our being and amplify the energy out into the world around us.

The simplicity of this often eludes many who struggle and wrestle with the experiences life presents along the way, not realising the storylines and characters in our chapters are only there to teach us something about ourselves to heal and to aid our soul and the planet’s collective ascension.

Lessons are designed to strip away layers of projections and limiting beliefs about who we think we are (the character we choose to play in this incarnation), have inherited and ultimately don’t belong to us.

We are not meant to be tethered to lessons for the rest of our lives, we are meant to learn and then release, observing from a higher vantage point or perspective what it was there to teach us pushing us to reach our highest potential.

Repetitive situations or scenarios offer us the opportunity to learn, to try again, to understand the lesson and look again at our attitude and behaviour towards ourselves, or to have faith during the darkest of times.

Yet we hold on to impactful stories energetically afraid to release them or heal.

The associated emotions and feeling shouldn’t be diminished or discredited as they were necessary in the experience for our learning, however, our mind can continuously replay scenarios in that experience, keeping us bound to energies, which are now creations of the mind — they are not happening now.

The incessant chatter of the mind can keep us running outdated ‘survival’ programmes, when we’re meant to install new ones and update our software to function at a higher energetic frequency with each challenge and lesson we overcome.

“The more fearful a person is, the more he uses his mind. The more fearless a person is, the more he uses his heart.”

Teal Swan


Plus, the truth has deliberately been concealed from us

Accessing our divinity is as simple as listening to the gentle whisper of our heart by quietening the mind.

However, as I write in the system of happiness we have a LOT of distractions, expectations and projections heaped on us from birth — effectively indoctrinating us into acquired belief systems.

Factors outside of ourselves interfering in our connection to what is intuitively within, influencing and confusing us.

And our global belief systems have been built on lies.

Our fundamental freedoms have been restricted and we’ve come to believe the illusion that we are separate from other living beings — that there’s hierarchy, processes, borders and barriers between us.

There isn’t and never was.

Our bodies are beautiful and different, yet the light within each of us is the same source love light, intrinsically linked.

We’re not here to live a siloed existence; we are energetically interconnected to every other living thing on the planet, connected by collective consciousness and frequency.

Connections, companionship and community are integral for a healthy life experience on Earth.


The sickness of separation

Collectively, we’ve become so lost in our personal suffering, we have attacked, persecuted, ridiculed, judged, and disrespected fellow humans, and ‘groups’ of people throughout history, justifying and excusing wicked and ugly behaviour having detached from our internal divinity and blaming ‘God’ for the actions of humans, even distorting faith to use as a weapon.

SPOILER ALERT — ‘God’ is not some external person to be placed on a pedestal and revered, it is a divine energy, and that same energy flows through us all if we create space and let it.

Yet religion and other systems (and puppeteers of darkness) have manipulated and distorted this truth, creating untrue narratives, for alternative agendas.

Love is boundless.


The divine law of cause and effect

We have never been deserted by ‘God’.

Divine justice is always served by the universe in divine timing, not our ego’s timing.

Karma is always balanced.

And judgement is subjective in a world of duality.

We simply do not fully know what is at play in another person’s lifetime experience, past or present.

We’re only seeing it through the lens of our own perspective, experience and often — wounding. Most of the time our “enemy” is suffering.

And the universe is always working for our highest good, despite initial appearances.


The energetic manifestations of fear

With loss of our connection to ‘God’ within, we’ve descended into 8 low vibrational energetic manifestations of fear:

“Ignorance, hatred, attachment, arrogance, jealousy, miserliness, doubt and projections.”

Kaia Ra, The Sophia Code

These traits keep humanity locked in a perpetual and unending loop of suffering — a consequence of our own internal energetic imbalance.

If we’re out of balance, we have a void in ourselves that cannot be satiated, and we look externally to soothe and alleviate OUR suffering often through inflicting and projecting further suffering onto another or others.


No matter how the world appears to be, the key to change is us

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Placing blame and throwing accusations at perpetrators will not change embedded behaviours of others lost in their own suffering and victimhood.

Throwing more fuel onto a burning fire exacerbates and perpetuates cycles — without end. We cannot illicit solutions from heightened reactive emotions, nor can we continue to try and create change by force.

Darkness is being brought into the light for us to choose a different route.

Remember, others are characters within a story designed to teach us — despite appearances, it is never personal as our ego would have us believe.

And past experiences shouldn’t be forgotten, they are lessons and we must learn from them.

We cannot single handedly undo and dissolve generations of ancestral wounding or change the past. Yet, we can decide the buck stops with us in our own lineage and create a new reality moving forward, a new outcome with peace in it.

Going inwards to identify the seed point and dig it out, enables us to react less impulsively and do things differently about things we cannot change.

Having compassion and empathy in a reactive world requires courage and forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not tolerating, condoning, or liking the actions of others; however, it is choosing to accept what has happened, healing and dissipating energies that reside within us; this is true forgiveness and not letting the poisonous negative energies affect the present or destroy our future.


We are collectively altering our future timeline

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”


It is our freewill choice how we impact and affect life on Earth; and many other souls are coming back online and are activating their own divinity in amongst suffering and wounding as we awaken further from our collective amnesia and begin to wake up and see and remember the truth.

The 8 keys that counteract the dense fear-based energies are:

“Direct knowing, unconditional self-love, self-forgiveness, self-knowing, self-communion, prosperity, faith, omniscient awareness.”

Kaia Ra, The Sophia Code

Inner peace and equilibrium come from living in true, authentic alignment and integrity with ourselves. This requires our unconditional acceptance and love of self without the restraints or need of the opinions and permissions of others to feel good on the inside and live life how we choose.

Our holistic wellness is critical for a healthy life experience, also affecting and impacting those in our energetic orbit, positively.

We are all on Earth to ascend towards ‘enlightenment’, to evolve and learn through experiences and stimulation of the human senses.

The word ‘enlightenment’ itself has become a misnomer IMO, some unobtainable aspiration, far, far away…

However, I prefer this description:

“I invite you to consider enlightenment as simply recognizing the light within you and deciding to never look away from that light again.”

Green Tara, Kaia Ra The Sophia Code

The path to enlightenment comes with challenges and obstacles, but nothing that we are not capable of overcoming for our soul’s evolutionary journey.

In the unified consciousness field, we all contribute to the energetic frequency of Earth. The potent energy we emit on an individual level, feeds into the wider collective consciousness and affects everyone with the ability to hold these higher frequencies as we ascend.


We are the co-creators of our reality

We can create ‘heaven on Earth’ however, we must cut the chains that bind us to the unhealthy attachment to suffering and our limiting beliefs — to reconnect back with our heart and own sovereignity and find our joy, light and purpose and collectively help the ascension of the Earth at this pivotal time.

Mastering these concepts makes it much easier to ebb and flow through life, without resistance to what is.

Asante Sana (Thank you) 🙏🕊️

Stacey 💚

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