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The biggest threat to humanity’s survival on Earth is… yes, you know it, humanity.

Collectively, we’re hurtling towards the “6th mass extinction” by annihilating the planet, pillaging and hoarding its resources (then capitalising on them) and destroying other species integral to life on Earth. This is rapidly accelerating humanity towards an evolutionary abyss.

Just to be clear, the planet will be fine, we’ll just eradicate ourselves as a species, unless we collectively buck our ideas up.

To those who think, “I’ll be long gone!”, think again and maybe have a read of the soul’s evolutionary journey blog.

The impact WE make.

Each of us has always had the power to affect the world around us. We’ve just forgotten.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about who is to blame for the seeming chaos we’re seeing in this third dimensional reality — the physical world around us.

There’s any number of industries, groups, systems, people and attitudes we can take aim at — and we do.

We like to get vocal, accuse, vent or protest about who or what we believe to be the cause of our problems and frustrations. Some of us want to create change and others want to express dissatisfaction with how things seem to be.

We look for the problem outside of ourselves.

However, our thoughts and words (including written) are extremely powerful and magnetic, and when we engage in any negative energetic altercation, however we justify it to self, we’re only amplifying negative vibrational energy, attracting more disharmony and conflict into our world.

To be completely frank, humanity has become an insular and self-serving species.


However, this IS starting to change.

We are energetically interlinked to every other living thing on the planet.

The soul within our beautiful physical body is pure love energy, it knows no discord (this is learnt) and is connected to every living thing.

The Earth (Gaia) itself is a living, breathing organism and is going through a monumental shift and lift in energetic vibration, taking us with ‘her’.

The Schumann Resonance can scientifically demonstrate that we are witnessing an increase of solar energy and activity which is arriving by an influx of solar flares, sunspots, explosions, mass coronal injections and geomagnetic energy on the planet coinciding with Earth’s ascension and the collective awakening of humanity.

We are protected from being pulverised by the electromagnetic field above our planet that insulates and shields us as these energetic frequencies bombard the planet, aiding and energising Gaia’s iron-core energetic heartbeat (ohm).

These higher frequency energies are impacting everything on Earth and are activating light codes within our DNA.

Everything is beautifully intertwined in this cosmic masterpiece.

The influx of light energies is affecting the collective consciousness and helping us wake up from our long sleep, detailed in the system of happiness.

Over time, we’ve become anesthetised, distracted and restricted by the man-made system or ‘matrix’, designed to suppress and oppress us.

Our five senses are necessary to navigate our third dimensional reality, however if we have capacity to hold the light codes and frequencies within us, we can access higher states of consciousness and ascend exponentially — beyond these constraints and limitations.

Our brains are massively complex cosmic receivers and transmitters (as well as 3D processors) and we can do so much more than we’ve been led to believe.

The soul/heart (wholeness) and the mind/brain (awareness) working in synchronicity can create a bigger energetic field around us which affects others who interact with it.

We can project our energy further.

Collective consciousness has enormous potency and power and when we can tune our own energy back into the unified collective consciousness frequency, we can all access all sorts of wisdom.

We can do all sorts of mind-bending and ‘abstract’ stuff like transcend our physical state, timeline jump, astral travel, access divine healing energies or order from the cosmic catalogue (manifest).

But a lot of people choose to function throughout life on autopilot, following a routine, only using a miniscule fraction of our brain’s monumental capability. By living Groundhog Day, we’re replaying the same brain patterns and programs never stretching our limits beyond our comfort zone.

We are not alone in this.

As the collective awakening of humanity describes, there are advanced awakened souls already assembled on Earth specifically to help aid us through this almighty ascension period and loosen the chokehold dense and dark energies and entities have had on us for eons as we collectively awaken.

These interlinking warriors are selfless. They support and help create coherence. They anchor and amplify new energies. They transmute and purge the old whilst providing a bridge between the third and higher dimensions as we uplift.

The dark doesn’t like the light.

Systems and industries built with outdated wounded patriarchal pyramid structures (healthcare, tech, political, financial, environmental, media etc etc), where power and material wealth meant success, are beginning to flex and strain and will collapse with the influx of light as we collectively come back online.

Accessing these higher frequencies.

Not everyone can or will be ready to awaken or let the light in during their current incarnation, it depends on the soul’s evolutionary journey.

Some will ignore or dismiss signs and synchronicities, labelling them “co-incidences”.

Some will not learn the lessons from their experiences, destined to repeat them until they do.

Some will be unable to face their shadow or deal with emotions they’ve kept suppressed.

Some may have more lifetimes to accumulate before they pierce through the veil and unlock inner wisdom.

And then there’s free will.

And all of these are ok! There is no hierarchy here, no one is better than anyone else — that stems from ego.

We are all operating at different levels of consciousness, and we need to be ready to undertake the inner work necessary to unlock and reach our highest levels of potential.

Awakening and healing isn’t “love and light” or other whimsical ‘faddy’ bullsh!t.

It a deep dive into the depth of our soul which can be an excruciating, confusing and lonely experience, especially when realise we have created our own reality ourselves — and everything we’ve been ‘told’ is a lie.

But it is also a deeply healing, profound and liberating adventure.

There is no literal pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for our efforts, although the miraculous journey is paved with abundance and magic. It’s a true blessing to be on an enlightenment path if you can let go of expectations and are open to it — flow and surrender.

Energy flow.

These new energies are bringing heightened amplification state to our inner world. This can cause turbulence and agitation to unhealed people who will cling to familiar and comfortable, and for others, frenetic excitement and expansive states of love, coherence and inner peace will be felt.

Internally, our basic 7 chakra system (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown) move energies around our bodies.

Energetic imbalances and dis-ease are caused when energetic blockages occur. See a holistic approach to healing.

When our lower chakras become stuck, they create lower vibrational states of fear, guilt, anger, shame or lust within us, and we lack faith, trust and self-belief. We can’t experience elevated internal energetic states like love, joy, gratitude or euphoria without access to our higher chakras.

So we search for fulfilment of these missing emotions within us by external means and quick fixes, never able to fully create long-term internal states of happiness and bliss.

To do this, we need to balance our own masculine and feminine energy within.

From separation consciousness to unity consciousness.

We need to be mindful of our own energetic contribution, and, no matter how the world around us appears, everything is always exactly as it should be — a beautiful symphony of divinely orchestrated events on divine timing.

Our vessels may be different, but the light within each of us is the same.

When we leave this simulation of life, that same energy will return to Source until our next incarnation. We cannot take anything else but wisdom with us when we leave this dimension.

Letting go of low vibrational states of ‘fear’ and ‘survival’ mean we can live more fulfilling and loving lives. We can peacefully co-exist and connect with other living beings regardless of superficial labels we’re classified with.

Once we heal ourselves and our own energetic vibration, we can extend our hand compassionately to others, combining our energies to help raise the frequency of the planet, elevating us all to higher frequency timelines — effectively co-creating and building a new future — a new Earth.

There really is no I, only us.

Stacey 💚

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