Lone Wolf Alchemy®

Lone Wolf Alchemy logo black
Lone Wolf Alchemy® is a trading name of my UK registered company Roho Rafiki® Limited and a complementary community project which is currently in development.
I am very excited to share with you this unfolding journey and welcome you to follow Lone Wolf Alchemy® on Instagram where I'll share updates as it develops over time.
The brand
The brand includes the wolf.
A wolf is often seen as a spiritual guide and can be found in many cultural texts and teachings. However, I was guided to use wolf symbolism for the Lone Wolf Alchemy® project as it represents our solo personal soul journey as we navigate life, with the importance of having social connections, companionship and community with others as we walk forward and find our place in the world.
The wolf represents our ability to discern for ourselves, our intelligence, our wildness and urge for freedom, combined with loyalty, protection of the pack, friendship, playfulness and teamwork.
Behind the wolf, sits ‘A’ for alchemy, the beautiful symphony of all the elements that make us unique and incredible.
The organic inverted triangle is a symbol of water (emotions) that represents purity, healing and peace and is complementary to the organic upright triangle within the brand of Roho Rafiki®, together, blending and balancing our beautiful masculine and the feminine elements.
The organic inverted triangle symbolises unity, as well as protection from the universe, new beginnings, good luck, purity (of soul), and the celebration of our individuality and of overcoming negativity.
The elements below will ingrate onto the Lone Wolf Alchemy® website in due course.
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