About Roho Rafiki®

I'm Stacey, creator of Roho Rafiki®

It means 'a friendly soul' in Swahili.

My vision with Roho Rafiki® is to unite people by dismantling the old paradigms; overcoming the superficial labelling that separates humanity and build connectedness, collectively raising the energetic frequency of love on our planet.

I’m passionate about inner healing and growth as if we’re conscious of the energy we’re emitting, we can change our lives for the better, and positively affect those around us - including those operating at a different level of consciousness to ourselves.

The brand includes an organic, upright triangle embodying the alchemy of our mind, body and soul and our connection to the universe; the feather is symbolic of freedom, truth, higher wisdom + peace.

My own journey

In 2020, I left my marketing position in a corporate environment to experience more of what life has to offer. Although it felt like a risk for my mind, it felt liberating for my soul.

I started with a voluntary Workaway experience within the slums of Nairobi, Kenya and was humbled by how much the children, with so very little, wanted to engage with myself and each other, and had such enthusiasm and eagerness to play and learn; the experience profoundly touched my heart. It gave me perspective on the world and life I was living.

I returned to my own home in the UK with the unfolding of Covid19. It became my sanctuary and safe space because shortly after I did, I was catapulted into a dark night of the soul and a fast-paced spiritual awakening - a blessing, but also a confusing and turbulent time.

The following year, after an intense period of introspection, personal healing and growth, I sold everything to travel solo with my rucksack - surrendering fully to my soul's journey.

My adventures have taken me to many incredible places to have some magical and mind-blowing experiences. I have met some beautiful, light-filled, heart-centred people awakening from the collective amnesia.

Along the way, I donate profits from the organic and ethical clothing sales to independent organisations that help humanity and aid or protect our natural world.

Your purchases and support are always appreciated.

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Asante Sana (Thank you) #RafikiSoul

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As well as my personal posts, I occasionally write other blogs that can be found here.