Charities Roho Rafiki® supports

As Roho Rafiki® grows, so will the list of charities and organisations supported.

Profits go to global charities and organisations that help humanity or protect our natural world*. These organisations, of all sizes, are selected as they make a positive difference to the world we live in. I would like to empower and enable them to continue their essential work for the benefit of us all.


UNDER Lea's TRUST logo

Under Lea's Trust was founded by Lea Sophie Kabitzch. It is an organisation that fits with my ethics of making the world a more positive place.

It connects children in poverty across the world with an education and hope of a brighter future through an education sponsorship programme.

Roho Rafiki® is proud to be affliated with this organisation and has enabled multiple young people to have an education.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust logo

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust protect a number of threatened and endangered species across Kenya including black and white rhinos, as well as iconic animals like African elephants. By protecting keystone species, they ensure a plethora of other animals and ecosystems continue to survive and, more importantly, thrive.

Roho Rafiki® is happy to contribute to help their vital conservation work. You can directly support them here:

Animal Care Egypt

Animal Care in Egypt (ACE) is a charity I've personally visited and is dedicated to helping stop the suffering of thousands of animals in the poorest communities of Luxor, Egypt by providing free veterinary care and education. There's a lot of work to be done and any donations can help the suffering of these animals.

You can directly support them here:

Born Free logo

Born Free is an animal charity that’s passionate about wild animal welfare and Compassionate Conservation. Founded by Virginia McKenna OBE, Will Travers OBE and Bill Travers MBE in 1984, they work tirelessly to stop the exploitation and suffering of individual animals living in captivity or in the wild.

From the start, they’ve campaigned for a future where animals and people can co-exist and where threatened and endangered species are protected for generations to come.

Shamwari logo

Not a charity but a wildlife and fauna conservation programme.

With the aim of restoring an area of the Eastern Cape of South Africa to its former glory, Shamwari Private Game Reserve was born of a need to conserve the land and its abundant wildlife, birdlife and ecological diversity. Shamwari has been actively restoring both the wildlife and flora for 30+ years, eradicating alien vegetation and striving to create an atmosphere where nature can flourish.


Roho Rafiki® does not accept speculative charitable donation requests.

*Individuals cannot personally gain financially from Roho Rafiki® charitable contributions. Nor will Roho Rafiki® donate to projects that cause or contribute to any suffering or abuse of animals, people or destruction of our natural world directly or indirectly.