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Alternative therapies are often ridiculed or dismissed as “quackery, hocus pocus or ‘airy fairy’” as though they are useless and not beneficial to aiding us healing from injury or illness.

Contrary, there are also long-held beliefs and phrases that we should “trust the science; conventional treatment is the cure, and that science and doctors “know best”.

Hmmm, so…

Seeking a professional diagnosis for anything that is abnormal or concerning to us medically is sensible. A diagnosis gives us a point with which to start our treatment or healing; and if we don’t know what the problem is ourselves, it’s better to ask.

There are also times when we may need urgent treatment for an accident or medical emergency, an immediate response to something that’s happened unexpectedly.

What’s a symptom?

When our bodies present us with symptoms, it’s doing its job effectively and indicating a problem within us. For example, when it’s discharging something from the body, it’s removing something harmful that it knows shouldn’t be there; or if we’re fluctuating in temperature, it is deploying a function to rid us of a toxin and help us get better. It has many bodily functions that work to heal the body, it’s sophisticated like that.

Now, here’s the thing, we can tend to think the symptom is the problem and we do our best to treat it, suppress it or mask it, instead of giving our bodies the time and conditions it needs to heal naturally from minor ailments. We want reassurances or an instant quick fix to stop it.

We don’t want to experience the symptoms, especially pains, as they trigger our minds to run all sorts of fear-based and panic programs which can escalate quickly — we can think the worst.

Medical professionals are people too

Medical professionals study and work extremely hard to learn the intricacies of the human mind and body. There are some excellent medical experts working passionately and relentlessly in their specialisms to improve the lives of patients in their care — often transforming many, many lives.

However, we also hear of time, budget, medication availability and resource constraints; a lot of professionals are stressed, tired and over-worked. These factors can impact the quality of a diagnosis and what treatment options are available to us.

Aside from an accident or emergency, what many of us don’t know is that when we visit a doctor or seek medical attention with a list of symptoms or a condition, is that often WE’VE, unknowingly, created the problem within ourselves.

Many professionals working in medicine in the western world are not aware of health beyond a physical and mental body. This, I believe, can limit treatment options, and impair the ability of a person to heal themselves completely.

Having knowledge beyond the physical vessel, I believe, is a key to our recovery — although the stage the illness has reached at the time of diagnosis, must be a contributing factor to recovery ability too.

Our bodies are more than machines

We need to understand that our bodies are the physical vehicles in which we live out the duration of our lifetime. As mentioned in my last blog, The Soul’s Evolutionary Journey, it also houses the energy that brings us to life, the soul.

There is far more to us beyond what medicine and science can qualify at this point, or what societal conditioning has led us to believe. This knowledge gives us an advantage in our healing.

Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life, and Carolyn Myss, author of Anatomy of The Spirit and Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, suggest that each health problem we present can be linked to an emotional, psychological, physical, or spiritual cause which has created an energetic imbalance within us.

In Hay’s book, she writes a comprehensive list of health problems together with what she believes has caused each of them. 

Carolyn Myss details the 7-point chakra system (the 7 main energy centres within our bodies), the physical dysfunction, the relevant affected organ, and the mental or emotional issue that has caused the energetic blockage within.

Both authors suggest that if we understand what has caused our disease, such as long suppressed emotions or self-limiting beliefs, we can heal ourselves and a have much better chance of a full, lasting recovery.

Both authors have best-selling books.

Without knowing about these unscientific factors affecting our complex and intricate energy system, awareness of our incredible ability to heal ourselves, which we were born with, is sadly limited.

We may receive the same diagnosis as someone else, yet, how we arrived at the illness may differ from person to person, and the treatment should be modified as each of us is unique.

A conventional treatment path can aid our recovery, however it is limited in its healing effect. The energetic flow around our body is also important as we are sophisticated energy systems and this should be incorporated as part of our healing journey, though not necessarily all of it. Perhaps a balance of conventional and non-conventional for maximum healing effect.

In the past

Years ago, shamans were the experts in herbs as medicine thousands of years before the church came along and decided that they would gatekeep medicine and administer it for a cost, demonising and banning shamanic practice. Since then, we’ve developed a thriving pharmaceutical, health and wellness industry which is powerful and influential, and is fuelled by people’s fears, insecurities and worries.

What you may not be aware of is that a lot of what we have in our medicine cabinet has originated from herbs freely grown around the planet. Which have become measured, diluted and packaged for our convenience.

Pharmaceutical Industry

From the moment we are born, the healthcare industry starts recommending all sorts of products to protect us or “boost our immunity”. There’s so many inoculations, medicines and treatments given or available to us in the West, that they’re possibly over administered, especially on the advisory of people in positions of power.

With this, we start giving our healing ability away to others. We now believe others know what is best for us. We elevate people outside of ourselves to a higher status than us; and in doing this, we start losing our own ability to heal ourselves as our bodies process manufactured health.

Why did I mention alternative therapies?

A holistic approach offers a greater chance of recovery — healing from the inside out.

There’s a lot of genuine alternative therapies and practices that science doesn’t recognise as they are not measurable or quantifiable. Some of these therapies are beneficial to aid blockages in our energetic system, mentioned earlier.

There are therapies that focus on energy flow around the body: acupuncture, reiki and reflexology are examples as well as relaxation therapies like massage, meditation, journalling, grounding techniques and breath work. There are complementary medicinal practices like herbalism, psychedelics or shamanism and spiritual practices such as Angelic Regression Alchemy (AURA) and Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing (RAAH) healing our past lives, karma and providing energetic body cleanses.

These are just a few that can benefit us and our overall health and wellbeing, supplementing and supporting our recovery.

Confusion over Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

Simply reframing a diagnosis as a start point of a healing journey is a more positive way to aid our recovery over having a pity party, and a “why me?” attitude, which floods the body with toxic negative energy that can exacerbate the problem.

The power of a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is helpful in most situations, however, if we’re only paying lip service to it and not feeling it on the inside of ourselves, it’s going to make very little difference to our healing.

To have an actual PMA we need to clear out all the mental and emotional clutter that has contaminated and poisoned our body’s energy centres and feel positive with every fibre of our being. This takes work, courage and commitment.

Sounds simple now we know…

Err no.

This knowledge gives us the power to heal ourselves — it hands us back the responsibility for our own wellness and WE DON’T WANT TO.

With this responsibility now comes the requirement that we help ourselves and do things differently.

But we don’t often want to accept the gauntlet. We want to bury our heads and expect someone or something else outside of us to do the extremely hard work of making us better. And this is where we’re already disadvantaging ourselves in our own recovery.

    • We prefer putting someone else in charge of our health and recovery so we’ve someone else to blame. Essentially, we give our power away to someone outside of ourselves — a dangerous gamble to take with our own health.
    • We don’t want to change our ways or our lifestyle, diet or habits; and we especially don’t want to review past experiences that have created suffering that we’ve held on to. But emotions and feelings are temporary, and we have to acknowledge them, understand them and release them so that the energy passes through.
    • We can also opt for the comfort blanket of a victim mentality. We can enjoy the reason for attention, focus and sympathy from others; 'affection' that we haven’t been able to give ourselves. This is another way we leak away our energy from self, listening and absorbing the fears, projections and opinions of others about our healing; negativity exchanged in words and hugs.
    • Often, we also take conventional treatment and return home to the same problems that caused the imbalance and wonder why the treatment didn’t work for us — or made things worse.
    • A lot of people also deny anything that isn’t based on science — that’s their prerogative. However, not being open to a holistic mix of conventional and non-conventional treatments is a real disadvantage in our recovery.

    Perhaps understanding the bigger reason why we’re here on Earth in The Soul’s Evolutionary Journey, may help us get perspective on what is happening for us with ill health.

    We’ve healing power in our own hands

    We are the captains of our own ship.

    It takes an immense amount of bravery and self-awareness to believe that we can heal ourselves and action our own healing; an incredible gift we were born with. Mostly we get into ego, fear and worry.

    Yet no-one knows us better than we know ourselves. We can be supported by others, and listen to advice; however, healing is an inside job. We need to be careful of energies coming at us, even well-meaning ones, as we take that energy on board.

    We need to honestly review how we treat and feel about ourselves, and go inwards to get to the root cause of our dis-ease and take the necessary steps to heal the wounds of experiences past, utilising ANY therapies that we believe benefit us and our healing — it can be a combination — a holistic approach; it doesn’t have to be conventional or alternative.

    Be kind to yourself when you’re healing. Remember you were born incredible.

    Stacey 💗

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    * This article in no way is intended to replace a professional medical diagnosis or intervention or your own judgement.


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    • Your holistic recovery method resonates deeply with me. The insights shared are enlightening, and the emphasis on mind-body-spirit stability is honestly empowering. Thank you for contributing to our collective well-being!

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