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holding chains

You may have realised that for generations we have been born into a system of suppression and control by people in positions of power over us.

We’re guided to achieve ‘success’ in all aspects of our lives and meet the expectations of others — real or perceived. This can mean earning educational success, financial success, admiration and respect amongst our peers and communities, or have positions of power over others; generally, be seen or to feel ‘better’ than anyone else; to be somebody.

We get bombarded and shaped with projections, opinions, expectations and judgements from a variety of sources throughout life which can be overwhelming, especially if we don’t meet the societal standard expected of us in any area of our lives or if we think differently to the ‘norm’.

If or when we fall short of being at a particular benchmark, or societal standard by a certain age, we’re somehow failing at life and we become labelled with derogatory terms, belittled or judged which can downward spiral into coping, escapism and survival modes. We don’t feel good enough.

We also find ourselves born into a particular nationality, culture, ethnicity, sometimes a religion, gender, social status etc, and these classifications are also used as boundaries to our freedom and independence; we’re under constant surveillance, given rules, traditions, taxes and restrictions to abide by and be compliant with, in which duty or obligation can constrict our permeating life force as we slowly feel it ebbing away.

On top of that we’re told what we need from external sources to make us happy, wealth, career, house, car, marriage, family and only when we achieve these invisible milestones will happiness magically arrive. Ta da!

People can burn themselves out following the prescribed process, forsaking being present in their life now, striving to get to where they think they want to be; only to hit a wall at high speed when they realise that what they thought they wanted wasn’t it at all; sacrificing their physical, mental and emotional health and their inner peace as they plough on and on telling themselves, “I’ll be happy when…” which never comes.

Later, we can see bitterness, sadness, regret, disappointment or unhappiness etched on people’s faces. Many lives ultimately lived in fear, having lacked the courage to live the life they wanted or would like to.

“Midlife is the time to let go of an over-dominant ego and to contemplate the deeper significance of human experience.” Carl Jung

Life is now, not in the past or the future, neither exist

We’re not meant to postpone our happiness until we have reached the age where Governments say we’ve paid enough taxes to enjoy the later years of our life; often arriving at retirement with deteriorating health, identity confusion, or other circumstances that prevent us finally living the life we’ve always dreamed of after a lifetime of endurance.

We have not incarnated for a life of conformity, process and taxes before we depart.

Sadly, over many lifetimes, we’ve become detached from who we truly are and why we’re here and have been suppressed and programmed into conforming by dark energies that have been able to dominate and control us for years.

We’ve been so distracted with trying to survive the constant bombardment of energetic attacks, we’ve been unable to access or connect to our own divinity within us; allowing our soul to light our pathway.

As touched upon on in The collective awakening of humanity blog, with each incarnation, our soul is born into a different vessel and any of these classifications and circumstances can change. Humility is our friend.

Energetic support is here

However, a Legion of Light have enrolled at Earth school too and are assembled in a beautiful, powerful, interlocking energetic network across the planet. They are living amongst us all transmuting dark energies, catalysing, activating and healing souls, and creating a bridge between dimensions and people’s higher selves.

They have been activated to awaken at this time and are ascended masters who are collectively conducting, holding and grounding energies onto the planet. These beings transcend fear and purge the darkness whilst helping to anchor light and love on the planet. The more light and unconditional love these warriors of light hold and emanate, the more they can assist as a bridge to aid the activation of DNA codes within others as they begin to remember their sovereignty and why they’re here.

For too long, the darkness has tried to keep humanity separated by fear, hate and discrimination, but love is setting us free as we collectively ascend out of this dense third dimensional matrix structure.

We are remembering that we are all source energy, and we are all one. Only superficial and artificial barriers and divides separate us.

The game of life

Earth can really be thought of as a matrix, a hologram, a simulation, a game or an illusion. Every experience we encounter, who or what, is part of our experience and designed to teach us something and deliver us a lesson for our soul’s evolution and growth as I write in the soul’s evolutionary journey blog.

Everyone, including ourselves, is just a character in the scenario; nothing is personal, only our ego makes it so. Our ego likes to cling to an identity or classification to feel safe or justified or victim, but ultimately our soul is pure love energy and cannot ever be harmed even if the physical vessel can during the experience. Everything happens for you not to you.

Despite the death rolls of darkness on the planet we are all witnessing, earthquakes, alien sightings, war, new health pandemics, food and resource shortages, suppression and force by people in power, we ARE remembering.

At this point, it can be helpful to observe darkness from a higher perspective and remember it’s all just a power play game. YAWN.

We’re collectively coming out of our sleep and amnesia and ascending to lift the energetic frequency on the planet. The darkness cannot stand the light. Ta-ta then.

We are co-creating our Earthly experience

When each of us agreed to incarnate, we pre-determined what lessons we needed to learn in this lifetime in our soul contract, which outlined how they would be delivered and by whom.

Everything around us is a mirror of who we are at our core; whatever is in our peripheral is who and what we are. Our beliefs, thoughts, emotions or fears stare us in the face daily, until we recognise, heal and release them. The relationship we have with ourselves ultimately determines the life experience we have; our mind is a powerful manifestation tool and whatever we believe is true — positive and negative.

Our happiness lies within us

What we haven’t been told is that we have everything we need already inside of us. A treasure chest of consciousness waiting to be unlocked. We just need the key to unlock it and access what’s inside.

When we want answers, we can tend to look externally but this can create mental confusion. If we read or view the ‘work’ of others without checking in with self, we are only reading a perspective and viewpoint of someone else’s experience and repeating it. It’s not as credible as our own inner wisdom.

And nothing and no-one can make us happy until we’ve opened the chest, examined its contents and healed any trauma and pain lurking in the shadows.

Of course, we can have short term bursts of happiness, a new purchase, an achievement, a relationship, an experience — but true soul ecstasy and joy come from a soul that’s healing, expanding and growing. It can never be taken away by external factors.

Once we learn to really love ourselves, releasing the projections of others, societal conditioning, trauma and set healthy boundaries, our reality alters and we magnetise energies that match our higher frequency or level of consciousness.

Through the pain there’s healing.

How we feel about ourselves is everything

We have to unlearn all the bullsh!t programming we’ve had thrown at us mentioned earlier, and realise that we are free to choose and co-create our own story with the universe, however we choose.

There is absolutely no need to feel guilt or shame for protecting and preserving our inner peace, or releasing those or that which is toxic, regardless of power others think they have over us.

How people react to us and treat us reflects their inner world; a combination of their thoughts, experiences, feelings, societal moulding and is absolutely nothing to do with us. Their attitudes, expectations, judgements and opinions are an outward expression of their inner frequency and, often, core wounding.

When there’s any expectation or obligation placed upon us, this isn’t unconditional love and acceptance, this is a negotiation or just manipulation for someone else’s gain. We’re only responsible for the frequency we emit and ensuring we live our lives, our way and learn our own soul’s lessons.

Sure, we can consider others, but putting our own needs first is healthy, not ‘selfish’ as we’ve been taught to believe; we cannot give from an empty cup.

So, we must be careful of absorbing others’ projections and associated feelings and modifying our own behaviour or changing our choices and decisions to ‘fit-in’, a quiet life, or to please others.

We need to find the courage to release our limiting beliefs, follow our inner compass, set our boundaries and live life how we want to.

The only person we need to reconcile anything with, is ourselves. We have to live our lifetime with the choices that we make. Each of us is responsible for our own life, happiness and decisions; no-one else.

Create a life you love.

Stacey 💗

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