Mind mastery: change your thoughts, transform your reality 🧠

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Tidal wave

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Mind mastery: change your thoughts, transform your reality 🧠

The brain is a tangible thing, an intricate organ operating the sophisticated control centre of our activity, managing our processes and bodily functions, storing acquired beliefs, information, and knowledge for a lifetime.

The mind is considered abstract. It is our cognition, thoughts, and perceptions of our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious, arising from our neurological activity and is an extremely powerful tool that shapes our life experience.

  • conscious: thoughts, feelings, memories, and actions — our present awareness.
  • subconscious (preconscious): acquired and stored memories and behaviours within us automatically accessed on demand that otherwise exist without our focus.
  • unconscious: wisdom, impulses and instincts deeply buried within us that we’re unaware of.
  • consciousness: awareness of our internal and external existence.


Mind matters

As I wrote in Humanity: Self and the Collective Conscience,

“Our brains are massively complex cosmic receivers and transmitters (as well as 3D processors), and we can do so much more than we’ve been led to believe.
The soul/heart (wholeness) and the mind/brain (awareness) working in synchronicity can create a bigger energetic field around us which affects others who interact with it.”


Both mind and soul are considered gateways or access points to our consciousness or awareness and our wholeness — a connection to something much bigger than self.

Finding a delicate balance between our (feminine) heart and (masculine) mind within us creates an enriching and fulfilling life experience.

For this blog, I am focussing on the mind aspect of our consciousness and its influence and capability beyond the brain’s operation of our physical body.

Greater awareness and understanding of the mind’s contribution to our life experience gives us the ability to positively alter our current reality as we can affect the frequency we emit.


What we believe is true

That’s the power of thought.

“Thoughts are energy, and you can make your world or break your world by your thinking.”

Susan L. Taylor


We constantly emit energetic signals out into the cosmos which then magnetise back to us in scenarios or dynamics that mirror our energetic vibration until we consciously realise that we are the co-creators of our own reality and life experience and have been the whole time.

How we experience and interact with our reality is however the mind lens interprets, filters and processes life and events based on its levels of consciousness and awareness — and the mind’s programming and beliefs. (see The System of Happiness)


The voice of the ego mind

For the most part, the mind goes about its day job perfectly well.

However, the voice of the ego mind is another matter. The voice of an unchecked ego can wreak havoc in a lifetime and is fickle, unreliable, and hardly ever content.

It often narrates our life experience, required or not, and it can create a lot of internal commotion and turmoil as it can be a distraction disrupting or scattering our focus and attention.


The ego mind has a job to do

It’s taking everything it’s learnt consciously and subconsciously in this lifetime and engineering us to move away from any perceived threat, anything that may harm or hurt us physically, emotionally, or mentally — or it’s being suggestive.

The ego mind is there to protect and control our experience of reality, yet it is not reality as we are infinite source consciousness energy inhabiting a body and experiencing a lifetime as a human. We can observe the mind’s dialogue and suggestions separately and accept or reject them consciously.

However, our thoughts are generating and emitting vibrations that are creating our reality and attracting what we’re thinking — positive or negative — affirming our thoughts.

“Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right,”

Henry Ford

Our self-belief and our thoughts serve as self-imposed limitations or catalysts for success.

As I write in the soul’s evolutionary journey, our soul has a plan and guides us in steps, however, our mind doesn’t know what that plan is and can go into hyperdrive trying to figure out endless scenarios to keep control of us and our actions — believing it is keeping us protected and safe.

The scenarios we think about do not exist in the present, they’re only being kept alive or created in the mind. They are not happening in real-time and, although sometimes seeming potent, they are mostly imaginary or fictitious — designed to stimulate a desired emotion or feeling.

“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

Lao Tzu

There are multiple timelines that play out simultaneously in our reality; timelines that shuffle constantly like a deck of cards based on our vibrations and decisions we make at choice points throughout life; as navigators of our experience, we affect our own reality (and timeline) by what we emit.


Where our attention goes, energy flows

When we hold onto thoughts, they grow in magnitude, sometimes creating a tidal wave that can then overwhelm us.

Breathe in and breathe out.

It’s better for us to just observe the ego mind’s activity objectively rather than try to analyse, suppress or influence the inner dialogue as that gives thoughts velocity. It searches for ways to provoke us into obeying or not actually actioning something we want to do!

Plus, if we focus or examine everything the egoic mind conjures up, we will, amongst other things, deplete our energetic battery quickly and send confusing signals up into the ether.


Realising that we are not our thoughts is liberating

We are a guest within our body in this interactive experience called life.

Our body is the entity we inhabit as we participate in our lifetime as a temporary citizen of Earth and will vacate when it’s our time to depart.

Our mind and body will return to the Earth; our soul will continue its journey.

The physical, mental and emotional experiences we have as a human are separate to us. We’re only observing them and choosing our adventure as though we’re watching a film or playing in a simulation game. The level of game we reach is determined by the vibration we’re operating at and what we’ve learnt so far.

Our experience of life will be vastly different to someone else’s as the more we lift our vibration learning from the lifetime, the higher vibrational our reality becomes.

We attract what we are.


Who we think we are isn't who we truly are

If we prolong engagement with particular thoughts and stories the mind produces, we begin creating a human psychological impact, a story, a character, or dynamics and our ego loves to make everything personal and about us and our self-importance.

This isn’t who we are fundamentally. We’re not the labels we acquire.

There really is no I as every living thing is intrinsically interconnected in this rich tapestry of existence. We’re in this collectively. See The Collective Awakening of Humanity.

But ego likes to create identity and I/me stories to justify actions, behaviours, and feelings — often masking a core wound within us. These create attachments and energetic cords which burden us on our way through life that need to be released to achieve higher ascension levels to acquire more divine wisdom.

All we have control of is self and our inner world. Learning this is the quickest way to be happy.

Nothing is personal, although ego will tell you differently. Humanity: self and the collective conscience.

If we’re blaming the outside world, and other people for our thoughts and feelings, we’ve still a long way to go on our personal evolutionary journey.


Mindfulness provides us with clarity

As the mind’s activities affect our reality through its energetic projections, being mindful of its health is critical.

Some inner world things to consider that may be affecting our outer world reality:

  • Our core and inherited beliefs, (see The System of Happiness)
  • Our awareness of self and wellbeing (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual)
  • Our conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings,
  • Our immediate relationships and connection dynamics,
  • What we absorb and consume (in every capacity),
  • Our energetic projections through words and actions (these are vibrations too)
  • Our processed and unprocessed impactful life events and experiences,
  • Our acquired knowledge and wisdom (from internal and external sources),
  • Our interests, ideas, dreams, and motivations (These are also projections).

As I write in A Holistic Approach to Healing, we create dis-ease from our thoughts. We can manifest illness from something we’ve been obsessively thinking about, or that we have ignored that wants our attention.

If we avoid, suppress, shut down or ignore difficult thoughts and feelings that arise, energies become restricted, constricted, and stuck — they have no release, creating an energetic build up with physical and mental symptoms.

Our nervous system can become so over stimulated by our mind’s activity that our body signals an issue and without attention, eventually becomes overwhelmed and malfunctions.

Unprocessed energies affect our daily life experience too. It distorts our perception of reality, everything becomes a threat, a problem or a challenge to be analysed, figured out or stressed out about.

Living purely from the mind gives us a skewed view of the world and we harden to life, missing the beauty that surrounds us, constantly resisting the ebb and flow of life which must be exhausting.

And, if we fight with the ego mind, we’ll lose.


Where there’s pain there’s healing

If the mind generates pain, it is an opportunity to look deeply within us and identify and release the valve.

We need to feel it all to heal it, even the most uncomfortable and painful emotions and feelings — as they are just temporary visitors.

We don’t need to judge or analyse thoughts, just acknowledge, and let them pass through — halting the momentum of the thought in the mind.

We know ripping a sticking plaster off quickly will sting briefly, but it won’t cost a lifetime of trying to micromanage and control our external world to prevent any contact with the pain inside of us that needs our attention.

Once healed, or accepted, a lesson dissipates. 

Relevant blog: Releasing our (Collective) Addiction to Suffering.

Take a shower, some deep breaths, go out in nature, journal or spend time doing something you love. Being present in life as it’s unfolding now, helps us come back to our centre and more heart-centred living. 

Life isn’t meant to be taken so seriously.

Change your thoughts, transform your reality.

Before we exit the game.

Stacey 💙


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