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Heart shaped cloud

What you may or may not know is that the world is in a battle. Not the televised wars we see in the media, but a conflict of light versus dark.

This isn’t the stuff of science fiction, it’s the reality.

However, seeded and scattered on Earth are souls who’ve incarnated to protect humanity, to help humanity win a war many may never know anything about.

There’s a lot of labels for these beings; but essentially, they are “awakened” vessels of light which channel divine source energy through them in a variety of forms, for a variety of purposes – but all working a massive jigsaw puzzle on cosmic clockwork to unlock levels of consciousness on the planet to help raise humanity’s vibration.

Who is the enemy? There is no enemy as such; only beings who carry darkness within them and do dark things, of which you can figure out for yourself if you’re in tune with energies and people around you.

ALWAYS discern for yourself, and NEVER follow others, especially the media.

Imagine this…

Okay, imagine the whole of the Earth is covered by a huge cloud. In this cloud are the thoughts, feelings, memories and actions of every individual on the planet. EVERYTHING goes in; mixes together and then rains back on to us and the planet; the good stuff and the, um… not so nice.

Drip, drip, drip.

We each become saturated in whatever has been released from the cloud, affecting life and energy on the planet. Essentially, what each of us puts into this cloud, we ALL get back. The more good stuff we contribute into the cloud means the more good stuff we get back… the more toxic stuff we send up… you get the idea.

Who are you?

Who aren’t you? is a better question. Since you were born into this life, have you ever wondered to yourself, Is there more to life than this? Have you ever asked yourself questions like, Why am I here? What’s my purpose? Where did I come from originally? As you gaze up into the vast expanse of night sky with a multitude of many other questions…only to shove them to the back of your mind whilst you perform the eat, sleep, work, entertainment life cycle on repeat day in, day out – the same as millions of other people on the planet; following the process passed down through generations; never asking, does this process and life experience work for me?

Why are we here?

This is a lengthy topic, but I’ll keep it high level and brief.

Earth is a school where we live out our 3D incarnations to have the full experience as a human being. Each incarnation we have gives us a new character to play, in a new vessel (body) with new lessons to learn and overcome; lessons that will be repeated if necessary.

During our Earthly experience, we are each resolving and balancing our karma from previous lifetimes with various soul family members who can (sometimes) incarnate in the same lifetime, albeit in a different role, to help us grow and ascend towards enlightenment as we make our way back 'home'.

We aren’t born remembering this as the burden of all that has gone before may overwhelm us before we’ve even begun our soul’s journey in this lifetime.

Encouragingly, we are given clues and synchronicities throughout our lives to wake us up gently, or not so gently in some awakening cases. Our task is to remember who we are as we live our lives and not dismiss what resonates with our soul - it knows what our minds do not.

Back to these seeded souls...

These souls incarnated at this pivotal point for humanity’s ascension.

They chose, and were chosen, to undertake this not inconsiderable task of helping humanity choose the light, over darkness – to choose positive over negative, love over fear. Most have gotten to a high level of spiritual awareness at this point. They have assembled to raise the vibration of humanity and help souls remember who they are and why they’re here; whilst removing the feeding tubes of the soul-less darkness carriers draining life out of innocent people.

These beautiful souls of light are like a global network of fireflies illuminating the Earth.

Spoiler alert: we win this war.

The good news is we have now tipped over the pivotal point for humanity. We can never go back to what was. The light on the planet is expanding … rapidly. Humanity is also being aided by other souls that reside in the multiverse that aren’t incarnated at the present time.

More and more souls are being awakened to the truth and holding the light on Earth for humanity as it wakes up from its sleep. They're transmuting and conducting energies and freeing others from the illusion of the matrix.

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner selves.

Inside each of us is a choice. The choice to contribute positively or negatively to the world around us.

In order to do that, humanity MUST collectively reject the darkness and that starts within self and finding balance within, which I touched upon in my last blog, Masculine vs Feminine energies 🌺

We must individually heal the wounds of our trauma’s past and let go of our own darkness: like fear, hate, anger, loathing, jealousy, greed, blame, shame, guilt and control etc. It’s time.

You, beautiful soul, have everything you need inside of you. Just take the time to listen to your own inner guidance, it knows the way home.

Stacey 💗

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