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Masculine energy is action oriented; it gives life to concepts. It is the builder to support the architect [The feminine]. Rooted in logic, healthy masculine energy is laser-focussed, strong, responsible, respectful, inspiring, disciplined, and honourable. It never yields to distraction or the negative traits of a wounded masculine.

When out of balance, wounded masculine energy can be controlling, dominant, hard, aggressive, insensitive, and abusive.

Feminine energy is like fire. It can ignite to heat or soothe, but it can also burn and destroy anything inauthentic. It demands truth and clears out that which is not useful to bring in new growth. A healthy feminine energy is radiant, warm, loving, caring, sensitive, trusting, vulnerable, nurturing, compassionate, empathetic and playful.

When out of balance, wounded feminine energy is synthetic, insecure, controlling, bitchy, manipulative, erratic, aggressive and belittling.

Everyone has both masculine and feminine energies. The key to harmonious union and happiness is a delicate, beautiful balance between the two energies within self.

We need to look within ourselves to change our outer world.

We only need to look at the world around us to see that humanity is out of balance. We're witnessing war, power, greed, control, suppression, judgement, prejudice, aggression, and fear.

The responsibility of allowing the feminine to rise.

Masculines especially seem to have a hard time accessing their inner feminine.

They have so much social conditioning and many toxic phrases heaped on them their whole lives about who they should be, how they should act, what a 'real man' looks like and should do.

When faced with a healthy feminine, a wounded masculine will often run as they’ve no idea how to treat someone they can’t dominate, suppress, or control. The role they’ve created in their mind about hierarchy becomes invalid, and that scares them as it activates inadequacies and insecurities they’ve kept hidden for so long.

There's also often unresolved trauma lurking from a time when they had their heart open: perhaps a controlling or dominating parent or peer group or partner; or after a traumatic event where they shut down the emotional side of themselves as it made feeling, painful. Unexpressed emotions become bottled up inside as they're unable to share their feelings for fear of judgement or ridicule.

This in turn means there is no outlet for these suppressed energies that bubble beneath the surface.

A masculine cannot live his best life without his feminine energy.

Its absence can manifest into the world in many ways, such as:

Workaholism, alcoholism or obsession including money, porn, gambling and/or drugs; womanising, lying, cheating, needing to dominate, abuse or diminish the feminine to escape the pain of what’s going on within and refusal to address it.

Anything to satiate feeling like a 'real man' for prowess and acceptance amongst other emotionally immature masculines still in the inner child phase of their life. The "youth", never maturing into the "father" or subsequent "sage" archetypes because of the refusal to heal and progress in to their pre-destined king or emperor abilities.

The trouble is nothing ever never goes away until it is identified, addressed, healed and relinquished.

The truth is, all masculine energy wants and craves is their feminine. To be accepted unconditionally, loved, respected, and heard, but the ego and overthinking mind rejects her, thus rejecting himself.

What angers and enrages him is the feminine he lacks within. Not all wounded masculines are abusive or toxic, to be clear, but any type of suppression and control or denial stems from his inability to access his inner feminine.

To do so, he must be be brave enough to heal the wounds of torments past. He must be ready to address the root of the shut down; to shine a light into the cavities of his numb, dry, forgotten heartspace which takes immense courage. He must work through the pain, understand the lesson and accept responsibility for his own part within it - when he actually abandoned himself.

He needs to find unconditional love for himself and realise his feelings weren't ever the problem, but perhaps the recipient who wasn't mature enough to honour and respect them or listen, and probably invalidated them, was.

We need you to stand in your full potential.

We need healthy masculinity to integrate with healthy femininity energies to achieve balance within self and humanity. We've been in wounded masculine energies for too long.

Sun + Moon | Day + Night | Dark + Light | Yin + Yang

Both masculine and feminine polarities bring different qualities and attributes to the table to achieve perfect harmony and union.

When you heal yourself, you inspire others. We need healthy, balanced role models.

Don't play small for the sake of fitting in; you were never born to follow the crowd. You were born to light the way, warrior.

Stacey 💗

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