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* If you haven't already, it might be useful to read my last blog, The collective awakening of humanity, which touches on why we incarnate at all here on Earth.

American Psychiatrist, Dr Brian Weiss, has written many bestselling books including, Many Lives, Many Masters, Only Love is Real and Same Soul, Many Bodies. He writes about patients who recall their past life incarnations during his regression sessions. He also explains how patients have evidenced their experiences and even encountered Dr Weiss himself as various persona, within their soul recollections.

There have been numerous reported Near-Death Experiences of people recalling themselves leaving their body and witnessing scenes unfold, seeing things they could never have possibly known about if their soul hadn’t left their body.

We also now know that our past lives can be a key to understanding present life issues or aiding our personal growth. They can help us understand existing health problems, relationship dynamics with others, and any other emotional blockages we may be experiencing in our current incarnation.

Accessing the subconscious memories

We can all access our past lives by ourselves through meditation, with the aid of guided meditation techniques, or by regression with a professional who can aid in hypnosis (hypnosis being a deep state of relaxation).  

I’ve studied Past Life Healing myself and I’ve regressed several times, with assistance, and with more confidence, alone. From experience, these sessions have been fascinating and deeply healing. What has been more interesting to me is some of my previous lifetimes have been shared with current friends, who themselves have validated the incarnation from their perspective witnessing the SAME lifetime during their own regression experiences.

Naturally, without scientific evidence or personal experience of the universe beyond this 3D physical reality or proof, people can struggle to accept these “abstract concepts”. We can however, sometimes validate details of previous lifetimes within documented records.

To maintain control, the ego will discredit or rationalise what others, and sometimes self, has experienced by dismissal or ridicule.

It’s helpful to remember that our mind is only with us for the duration of our current lifetime; yet our soul is the start point of our creation and is helping us to return home.

Also, someone’s current incarnation may not be the lifetime where they pierce through the veil for themselves or understand that there’s more to life than what the human senses or science can measure, or what people in positions of power, have led us to believe.

The portal of the mother

When we are conceived, we begin to form in the portal of the mother’s womb. Biology determines how we will physically look to be and how we will mechanically function in the vessel we’re born into and within the world around us.

However, the energy that brings us to life, the soul, can choose to seed at conception or at any point before inception. The soul may still be around the energies it has chosen to be teachers, even before they’ve taken their first breath in their new Earth vessel.

Before incarnating we have already agreed what we will learn, the character we will play, and who will help us reach union within in this lifetime. Our death has also been predetermined and nothing and no-one can change the outcome of our fate.

We are guided from birth by our spirit guides, who can change throughout our soul’s evolution. They are with us throughout our Earthly experience supporting us along the way.

Our immortal soul

It’s physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding to be a human. Our bodies require fuel, rest, and maintenance – yet our soul does not. During sleep time, our soul can leave the body and astral travel within other dimensions, as it’s not restricted by the confines of the human vessel.

It’s only our mind and physical body that can create or endure limitations as attributes of the human condition after incarnating into 3D Being form. The body may experience afflictions, it may age and decay, however the soul is immortal and cannot be harmed.

Universal lessons for our highest good

Ego likes to play the victim; but we can now see things from a higher perspective. That lessons are happening for us not to us. All for our soul’s growth and evolution.

If there is something we must learn in this incarnation, the universe will give the lesson. How we react to it determines if we have understood it. Each unlocking levels of inner wisdom.

If we haven’t, the lesson will be given again in a different scenario or using different characters until we address it within ourselves. Our outer world is a mirror of our inner self. Once the lesson is learnt, it will disappear from our Earthly experience.

Of course, we have free will to make the choices that we want to, but all roads lead to the same points, just there’s a high road and a low road to get there.

If the lesson isn’t learnt in the present lifetime, it will be repeated in the next.

Leaving the illusion of the matrix

At the point of our mortal death, the soul vacates the body. Whether or not any pain is felt depends on the soul’s contract. The soul may have left the vessel, even if the body is mechanically functioning.

Death is not the end, just a doorway

Souls can get lost or don’t cross over at the point of death and they need help by Earth bound souls who can go into other people’s energy and aid them in their onward journey.

Some reasons for not crossing over can include:

  • immaturity of the soul – babies and children or newly birthed souls unsure of the way,
  • fear of what awaits which can be learnt from inaccurate religious teachings like the presence of heaven and hell (which there isn’t!),
  • not feeling ready to leave the life they lived - leaving loved ones behind or feeling unhappy with the circumstances of their death.

As at birth, the soul can energetically stay around loved ones for a time after death but will be guided to pass through the veil and onwards on its journey after a life review.

Usually there’s a gathering of familiar souls encountered in various incarnations waiting to greet the returning soul and there’s a choice to incarnate immediately or recalibrate depending on the outcome of the life review.

And so…

We cannot consciously know what lies in store for the adventure of this lifetime.

The key is to just surrender and be fully present in the experience as it happens.

Let go of the illusions, burdens and unhealed wounds that suffocate the soul and restrict the human experience, to live your best life.

Stacey 💗

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