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Shire horse

Recent days have been a period of introspection.

The day before I left affluent Esher, I wandered around Kingston-upon-Thames, drank chai latte in Richmond, and walked around its park.🌳🦌🌧️

I didn't 'know' where I was to go next. Nothing felt right, and my mind started running outdated worry programs. I just wanted to hibernate, but HAD to move. The recent 🌊 of ascension energies brought me inner joy, ecstasy and euphoria, then gave way to headaches, tiredness, exhaustion, confusion, overwhelm and sadness, plus plummeting self-worth.

WTF was happening?🎢

I 'thought' I couldn't hear my inner guidance, yet within minutes of going "f*ck it all!" 😫 my good friend Ali text to ask if I was free to cat-sit for the next few days. 😮‍💨

I’d had to let divine timing take its course first. ⭐️

Her sitters had to pull out, notify her, then ask me. Synchronicity.

Her home is a retreat, a place for me to hibernate 🍂, get introspective + come back to my centre.🧘🏼‍♀️

The turbulence was residual stuck energies and I had to alchemise, release and transmute for the collective. 🫶

I've meditated a lot, listened to the "Luminous Life" audiobook, walked in nature, visited an airfield memorial (saw my past life as a pilot), journaled, hydrated, stretched, cleansed, nourished my body, rested, called friends, met new people, visited Wimpole Hall chapel + gardens meeting a Shire horse and aided souls on my way.

In a meditation, Sekhmet appeared 😭 reminding me I'm not alone + to wear my garnet pendant for strength and courage when I feel overwhelmed.🛡️

I’m 💯 committed to my path and surrender my need to know (ego). I’ve had so much encouragement from the universe with symbolism too.

I’ve also realised I’m being led towards an earlier manifestation for my future life. I don’t need to worry, just follow the steps presented in divine order. 👣

The USA has dropped off my radar.


- Lone Wolf Alchemy® is being alchemised 😍
- My @medium followers has increased 🙏
- I’m thinking about a Master degree 🎓

I’m heading to London tommorow for an altered state event to try new practices. Then who knows on Monday 🤷‍♀️😅😊

Love this crazy life! 🤪 Love💚

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