Mastering reiki and planet parades 🪐

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The day after rare “planet parade” 🪐 alignment on 3/6, I had my level 1 reiki “attunement” with my course Reiki Master and so far (out of 21 days process) I’m feeling pretty good. And, I’ve completed level 1 Reiki course with distinction. 🤓

I now realise this is in perfect timing for me flying out to Africa on the Summer Solstice ☀️ (which hadn’t realised on booking) ✈️😂

Follow me on my public Instagram @rr_lonewolfalchemy for my trip content. I’ll announce where I’m going on there in coming days.

I’ve done so much personal healing and growth since I returned back to the UK last year, I know it’s time to leave and anchor my higher frequency back out into the world… I’m ready and sure I’ll be guided, flowing freely into whatever comes. ✨

It’s not been easy to get to this place of balance, peace and happiness, it’s involved much purging of heavy energies, and releasing but I know I’m at the end of a tough cycle, ready for new and symbolism supports that. 🤩

I know other lightworkers amongst of us have really had a tough time wading through the dense and sometimes ‘hopeless’ energies too. Keep going warriors. 🌈

Since my last soul-journey post, I’ve been in Cambridge city, Ely Cathedral and chapel transmuting with a friend, also house-sitting for an awakening couple and their deaf elderly dog Winnie who’ve all been "unusally very calm” around my energy. It’s allowed me to get underway with studying.

I’ve also felt time slow down, merge/blur, seen lots more symbolism, stars, Apollo, white stags, 222s, seen a black squirrel, ants (patience), spiders (weaver of destiny/dark + light aspects) fox (cleverness), had a bird flying into window twice (great change)

Money has been arriving unexpectedly...

I’ve also found myself belting out empowering power ballads and dancing more - embracing who I am now, always a work in progress by very happy and extremely blessed.

After this current house sit, I’ll swap my travel “kit” and head out to Africa. 😍

Much love, many blessings. 💜💜💜

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