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Northern lights
I’ve mostly been barefoot 👣 dancing, absorbing + anchoring the sun’s light rays and connecting with Mother Earth whilst cat sitting at my friend’s beautiful rural home near the St Michael’s ley line. I’ve walked in nature, cleansed a local church protecting children in it. 🫧

I also witnessed the Aurora Borealis under clear skies. It was glorious! I’d felt a build up of electric and euphoria with the recent solar activity. ☀️ To experience the colour and full impact of the light show was a dream come true! 🌈 although I’ve felt spaced out since and I’m drinking so much water! 😵‍💫 YES they were genuine!

I’ve had a productive time here too, as energetic blockages have been removed with me starting my 1-2-1 sessions, writing and releasing my new @rohorafiki Mind Mastery blog and new organic products.

Consequently a ‘download’ (clarity) arrived on my next steps in life. I’ve had my own knowing I’m going to Africa, however, me being me, I doubted myself, only for a friend to tell me “you’re going to Africa”. Then, STILL unsure, a new soul friend pulled an Oracle card for me from her fairy deck, saying the fairies had a message for me in a song... A bit later I got a song in my head without lyrics, so I was humming it to Siri and my mum said “Africa?” It was “HeyMaMaMa” with video of animals and African sunset 🌅🦒🐘🦁😊

Then I asked for ANOTHER confirmation and heard Circle of Life and Hakuna Matata randomly on Alexa. 🤣

So, Africa it is - in June. Location to start TBD. 🤩

Also, I’ve been procrastinating on my new project @rr_lonewolfalchemy. I finally now KNOW how it grounds 😍 and I’m very excited share my plans - please follow it on Instagram as it develops.

🙏 Other gems I have gratitude for:

My friend bought me a beautiful Angelite + silver bracelet. Planting some Oak saplings with my mama which was special 🌱 + watching childhood favourite Black Beauty with her. There's a black horse at the end of the garden here too!

Animal spirits i've encountered: 🐞🦊🐇🐦‍⬛🐝🐎🐈‍⬛

I’ve also enrolled on a reiki course to offer more soul healing later. 💚

Have courage, follow steps of your soul and live the life of your dreams.💫

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