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Iris tea pot

I’ve just had an excellent weekend staying at my friend's airbnb in County Durham, UK. Whilst it was lovely to visit my old “home” city of Newcastle upon Tyne and mooch about, I know it’s not somewhere I’ll permanently return to, which I had considered.

Dropping in on my bestie, and spending time with another friend was definitely good for the soul. My path can be solitary as I’m moving wherever my soul wants to go. So it was such a blessing and healing to see them, obviously divinely orchestrated. 😉

At the BnB, I was given a free pass to visit Auckland Castle, its grounds, the new Faith museum and the Spanish gallery cleansing, gridding and transmuting. For some reason, I felt obsessed with a stone ball artefact which felt magnetic to me. 🤔

I then saw a stunning visual installation of a purple iris “Eidolon” playing on a huge screen engulfed but not consumed by flames. The iris symbolic of the Virgin Mary, faith, wisdom, hope, fortitude, justice, temperance and patience. It continues to dance, unfurl and bloom in the fire of faith. Faith is personal and boundless and brings people together in unity consciousness - like Roho Rafiki®.

April was a tough month for the human nervous system. I’ve personally been experiencing all sorts of physical and energetic symptoms, and I’ve been focusing on my own wellness - after also energetically cleansing Vera cat ✨🐉🐈‍⬛ she was completely recharged by the new energies. 😅

I did ask for divine assistance in healing, which arrived via my friend who’s on her own ascension journey as a beautiful divine channel - exploring her shamanism, witchcraft and herbalism ancestory.

We spent hours chatting, laughing, making natural herbal remedies, mixing essential oils and pulling tarot cards. She scanned me physically and tuned into her own ‘knowing’ to give me the ointments, messaging and knowledge I needed to heal myself. Conventional medicine has been blocked to me.

Interestingly, through quantum entanglement, I suggested she bring her tarot cards to the sleepover. She said “I did, and you know I have!” 😂

She also passed me wisdom about my new “imminent” divine counterpart 😊

I’ve added Celestite to my crystal collection, the “stone of angels” and received many signs and blessings.

It's almost time for me to get moving again...

And... in a charity shop window was this little china tea-pot for my medicinal brews, complete with iris. 😉✨

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