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Raspberry bush

I'm currently house-sitting a £2.5m house in Surrey, UK. It's beautiful and open plan, but best of all, it has a raspberry bush in the garden.🪴😂

Whilst I'm having this experience, I'm choosing parts of the design/life I want to manifest in my own future and observing it from a different perspective from the past which was want or lack mentality. I know I'm extremely blessed + abundant right now and always co-creating with the universe. ✨

I’m still choosing to live my life out of a rucksack, changing locations regularly, although it can be tough in many ways.

I can sometimes be found sleeping in a mud-hut, a stable, a bunk bed, an old monastery, however last week, I stayed in a luxury spa hotel with my mum as a treat for her birthday. We also visited Barnsdale Gardens and brunched, lunched and spa-d. 🫶

After visiting my folks, I met a guy from Malawi and we discussed how over-complicated humans make life, and how disconnected + insular as a species we’ve become. Out of kindness, he said I was welcome to visit his home in Malawi. 🙂

Part of my role on Earth is to be in amongst others bringing light into dense and dark places. It can feel uncomfortable and often futile or hopeless in places. Discerning collective + other energies from my own can be tricky and tiring, but I'm having my own human experience rather than "spiritually bypassing", testing my learning. I feel and care deeply but, as a divine feminine, don't tolerate any sh!t but can drift into overthinking/over-analysing because of it.

Accepting that others have free will to choose for themselves is part of my lesson. I do not have to like or agree, but having respect is my key to being peaceful with the choices and decisions of others.

It does seem like when I've had enough energetically, the universe picks me up, and plops me into something wonderful. It reminds me of the magic that is MY life with a sign or experience, a message from a stranger, a confirmation, or a spirit animal appears. This week, multiple daddy-long legs have shown up (about taking more risks, good fortune, happiness + hope).

Being fully present in my experience and focusing energy on @rohorafiki + writing, dancing, stretching, being barefoot in the sun helps me ground and brings me back to now and my centre. ⚖️ 👣

If we don't have lows, we can't fully appreciate the highs. 💚 @rohorafiki

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