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Kitten + selenite
A family funeral has meant a couple of unexpected, but fun, weeks with my folks and their little kitten, and helping them settle into their new home.🏠

I’ve been able to catch up with life admin and finish my latest Roho Rafiki® blog humanity: self and the collective conscience. ✍️

I had a timely RAAH (Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing) + Akashic reading too which revealed more of my soul origins and confirmed some twin flame, life path / timeline queries, but also instigated a heavy collective energetic release and shift which resulted in me feeling like I'd been hit by a truck 🛻 for 48 hours, unable to eat and barely able to get out of bed (likened to energetic surgery).

The work involved assisting the souls of children trapped in Atlantis times. And, as I've had Roman past lives, and visited Roman sites in this lifetime, I could hold the light within them; dark energy access portals were closed, removing more dark energy siphoning from our planet.💪😮‍💨

The session also gave me an energetic tune up and cleanse, and was confirmation of my own cognizance guidance (clear knowing).🔥

I feel there’s been a lot of purging and releasing of old energies collectively since 7/7 ready for the influx of new energies on the Lionsgate portal 8/8.🦁

I now have a USA visa🫡🇺🇸 and a lot of ideas of what I want to do west coast side, I’m excited.🤩 Although I also just watched Psycho with the folks…🔪🫣😂

I viewed a camper van to buy too having used to co-own a 1967 VW Splitscreen - but, it’s not the right time for a project. Later… 😩

I have found it uncomfortable to stay present and resist my impulse to move, but it's been valuable to learn and find beauty in the seemingly mundane. There’s lessons in stillness too - it was necessary and a blessing to spend the time with those I love. 🦢

I know I’m about to pick up the pace again and visit a few more UK places before heading out the US. My rucksack is now packed (for various climates 😬) and my adventures will resume shortly.

Annnnd, I’ve just received delivery of my lush new @rohorafiki branded clothing too, I’ll model it soon.😉

Sending you love from my heart-space to yours.🤍🌈

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