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Stacey + BenjiI’ve recently found myself in museums of anthropology, archaeology and geology amongst crystals and artefacts, and in various graveyards. 
I’ve been looking after cheeky Lab. Benji (who ate 2 boxes of my cereal) near Colchester. Formerly called Camulodunum, it was first Roman town of Britannia. Julius Caesar tried to conquer it in 55BC.
There, I learnt there was a temple which Boudicca, of Icini tribe, destroyed before a castle was built on the remains. It was also a prison for 500 years, housing witches and prisoners in dungeons below.
Other places I saw there included St Boltoph’s Priory, “Jumbo” the water tower 🐘 and the town wall remains. 
I’ve just had 24 hours in London and walked 38.5kms (24 miles) 😮‍💨 I was based, unknowingly, in the centre of Roman London (Londinium) where I used to work!
I was near the temple of Mithras (A Roman God) underneath Bloomberg’s HQ. It’s closed temporarily but apparently some 30 ft below the city is a Roman temple. Interesting how old cities are below new ones. 
There’s an art installation nearby dedicated to lost river of Walbrook, used by Romans some 2000 years ago.
There’s also remnants of Roman defence walls remain and Roman buildings are now engulfed by new modern constructions. 
I visited Shoreditch, Brick Lane, Kensington Palace pavilion, National Portrait Gallery, The Royal Exchange, St Michael’s church gardens + Old Watling St too. 😮‍💨 
I’ve connected with a few beautiful souls including a Big Issue guy who offered me his last £15 as we chatted in St Michael’s churchyard - thinking I was homeless (technically I am) 🥹 and a mud lark in my accommodation who said “it was wonderful to meet you. I’ve absorbed some of your light” hugging me before she left after we chatted. 🤗 
Please never underestimate how your time, kindness and energy impacts others in the world around you.
Solstice and portal energies have meant I’ve new activations and levels of consciousness to integrate, understand and work with as well as the usual clearing. 
I recommend Joe Dispenza Becoming Supernatural audiobook if you want to learn more about the power humans have always had. I’m midway through writing a blog about humanity and collective energies. 
I’m also going to apply for a USA visa. 🤞 🇺🇸
Sending love to you if you’re reading my soul journey updates. 🕊️💚🤗

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