Alchemising new energies

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Stacey writingSince the solstice ☀️, I’ve been in quiet contemplation time, riding out the energies that have been passing through me; mine, collective and possible Twin Flame stuff. I know more will unfold. 
Despite the time of reflection, discernment and integration, I’ve visited Ely, Anglesey Abbey, the botanic garden (with another Lebanon Cedar), seen Divine Goddess Sekhmet, Osiris and Julius Caesar and beautiful famous paintings at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, and I've found myself unexpectedly in an ancient graveyard and a closed crypt chapel. I've taken long walks through the streets and along canals and rivers, all whilst house-sitting with a very loving cat.😮‍💨
I’ve managed to spend quality time with a good friend, whilst we’ve been in close proximity, and I feel a deeper sense of peace, joy and ecstasy daily from my inner work and healing. I know I'm sooo blessed to be free to follow my soul’s journey.
My heart feels full of love and gratitude for my life and experiences and all the authentic friends and connections who, when possible, walk at my side without expectation, obligation or judgement or just say “hi” as they navigate theirs.💚🫶

I’m trying to be fully present in my day too, less distracted and more focused. In divine timing, new knowledge is being given to me and more levels of conscious awareness are unlocking – with aha! moments. I’m actively taking time to shield my energy and now meditate 🧘🏼‍♀️ twice a day (I will increase durations), listen to and read articles and books by people who resonate with me, that confirm my own inner wisdom and guidance.

I’m also actively trying to challenge myself and put new learnings into practice: healing self (difficult!), setting intentions and manifesting to co-create my future with the universe. I'm moving out of past stuck energies to be present, and align my healed energetic emissions with more gratitude and elevated emotions of the future manifestations. Exciting!

I’m experimenting with the seemingly impossible to see what’s possible. ✨

Always remember your soul journey is yours; there’s no rush, race or competition with anyone else - even if the ego of self or others tries to apply pressure. The only compass you need is your own.🗺️🧭

Much love and many blessings.

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