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Two swans and their signets
Synchronistically, the Divine Masculine I met in Ibiza in May and I were bought back together again to work on interlocking pieces of the ascension puzzle over the summer solstice (Northern Hemisphere) ⚔️🛡️

We both know that over previous weeks we’ve been positioned at key geographical points - ley lines, historical buildings and places throughout the full length of the UK to intercept, transmute, transfer and anchor energies and codes aiding Gaia and the collective ascension the planet is going through now. ⚓️🫶

As TF divine masculine + divine feminine energies walking a similar life path, we were able to hold, combine and integrate these into the stunning grounds of Newstead Abbey, not far from Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, on the solstice - magnifying its power. 🏹☀️

We spent several hours there walking the stunning gardens, hearing about the abbey 👻, meditating - just being fully immersed in the unfolding experience - connecting barefoot with mother nature 🌳, the earth 🌍, the waters 🦢 and crystals, and conducting and anchoring the energy and codes from the sun’s rays at key times.

Mission accomplished – the light is winning, driving out the darkness from the planet. 💥 We played our part of the bigger light warrior team - simultaneously aiding and strengthening the planet’s ascension. 🙌🔥🕊️

Personally, it’s been a powerful experience to be shoulder to shoulder with a healthy DM who is fully embracing his position and mission on Earth; someone who understands a DF and her part and path. It allowed me to relax, flow and surrender. 😮‍💨

Conversations, knowledge sharing, listening to music as well as sounds of mother nature ☔️ 🦅 or sharing Lady Grey tea ☕️ made it a memory that will stay in my heart. Until next time 💙💚🫡

We’re back on our solo paths 🐺 and I’ve now headed onwards - then who knows what’s to come next on this adventure? 🤷‍♀️🤭 Watch this space 😍

Positive change is happening - and you’re part of it too. ☺️

All the love!

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