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Heart shaped cloud
From Epsom, I headed up to a YHA 2 miles out of Stratford upon Avon for 3 nights - a really beautiful location and grounds. Stratford is near the UK’s longest lay line and is the birthplace and burial site of playwright Shakespeare.

I arrived at the YHA, dumped my rucksack to explore, looked up and saw a beautiful heart shaped cloud which dispersed 5 secs after the photo was taken.🤍☺️📸

I was exactly where I needed to be. 🥰

In the grounds stood a huge tree I was drawn to be around 👣. I had a sensation in my heart of palpitations, in a good way - an activation 😊 I thought to myself, I wonder what (type of tree) you are? Then heard “American Cedar” - It is a Lebanon Cedar found in North America and hundreds of years old. 🤯

I was guided to visit the Holy Trinity church where Shakespeare was married and buried that has a beautiful “the crusaders” stained glass window with St George and the dragon 🐉. The church also houses the original King James’ bible edited into English. Apparently, Shakespeare and others translated it. Psalm 46, 46th line down, and 46th line up, contains “shake” and “speare”. 🤔

After exploring the historic town, I walked back along the road when I saw a bee I thought was dead. 🥺 I walked past it but heard “go back”. Then I heard “touch it”. I touched it’s wings and slowly stirred into life. I asked for healing for the bee, using me as a conductor. A couple of touches and it quickly returned to maximum strength and flew off. 🐝🥰

I’ve been practicing distance healing with my dad, learning from a book I picked-up in Epsom. For Father’s Day, I asked him for all his ailments and I sent the absence healing which he says was successful.😊

I’ve done what I believe I went to Stratford to do. I’ve a deep knowing and have seen stags, roses, foxes, infinity ♾️ symbols, Phoenix, triangles, trinity wording, swans, often laughing out loud at the delivery of the messages.😂

The journey I’m on is nuts, beautiful, deeply profound and magical. ✨

Thing is, the universal knowledge and wisdom is accessible to all, if we find the courage to follow our soul’s guidance. 🧭

Love from my heartspace to yours. 😘


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