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Stacey in Roho Rafiki hoodie
It has felt sooo good to be on the move again. 🐺🎒

I’ve headed to the South West UK coast, via Bristol and I’ve chosen to hostel it to meet lush new people.😍

I’ve found Bristol was a major shipping port and houses “ingenious engineer” Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s SS Great Britain, the world’s first ocean liner and his Clifton Suspension Bridge.👏

I also noted seeing a lot of repeating numbers, words,🦄 unicorn symbolism and Neptune + his trident statue 🔱🧐 . I also managed cleansing of key places / waterways around the city and I’ve exchanged knowledge with another beautiful soul I was meant to meet. ☺️🌈 Next steps being presented to me obviously.

Since then, I’ve had an epic few nights In Newquay upping tempo; reliving the olden days. 🚌😂

I, unknowingly, arrived in time for Boardmasters surf + music festival, and it’s been mint to be somewhere with an energetic pulse again.✌️

I’ve especially loved spending time and connecting with two guys from my mixed dorm who’ve made me laugh so much, grounded me, and we’ve danced into the early hours in clubs.🕺🏾 Just closing my eyes and connecting with the available energies - being fully present in each experience. Liberating.

I’ve loved breathing pure seaside air, watching the waves, some epic moves 🏄, had thought provoking conversations with strangers and watched the sun go down; enjoying the beauty of simplicity.

I’m reminded I’m utterly free and uninhibited. I’m heart burstingly happy and in love with my life; wherever I’m heading 🤷‍♀️. It’s been worth all the pain to get to this inner place of peace.

I’ve had so many more blessings in forms of upgrades, free stuff, discounts, random help and experiences. ✨ 

You may see (in my wild hair shot) I’m wearing my new navy blue @rohorafiki hoodie which was super cosy and perfect for coastal conditions 🌊. If you subscribe on my website, I’ll be sending a discount code to all my subscribers soon 😍

Let go of the inner sh!t you don’t need to carry now and liberate your own life - do whatever makes YOU happy. I promise it will be worth it.


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