A Cornish treasure trove

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Pink LilyI found myself staying in an old Methodist church in St Ives, Cornwall and visiting the ancient chapel of St Nicholas. ⛪️

A quick stop there and I went on to Penzance where I visited a lovely little harbour town called Mouse Hole.🐭

When I was eating my lunch, I was instantly drawn to a dark and foreboding island a few miles north, which I now know as St Michael’s Mount – intersecting the Apollo/Athena ley line.💙

Having recently been positioned on other ley lines, I knew I was required to help clear off dark energies that had attached to the island and to visiting pilgrims.

I did a remote clearing first 🐉🗡️ and it instantly looked much brighter 😍. The next day, I walked barefoot 👣 on the island embedding my own energy and lightcodes and visited the magical-looking castle, chapel, cemetery and gardens, putting a protective golden bubble over the island. The energy there is incredible✨ (video on is on Instagram @rohorafiki).

I spent the next day grounding in nature and walking around Drift reservoir where I saw two (I think) beautiful huge eagles hunting 🦅

Onwards north, I visited the (pricey) Eden Project near St Austell, Cornwall.

Immersed in the experience, I climbed the 100-foot-high suspended bridge to view the rainforest biome from above - it's not for the faint hearted 😅 . Although, I personally prefer seeing flora and fauna where it should be on Earth, not recreated. 🌍

After the project, a friend and I needed to get to our accommodation, but found transport non-existent, so an arduous hike with heavy backpacks was on the cards, when an angel with a beard overheard us and gave us a car ride. 😅
Throughout my life, I’ve always found people ‘appear’ when I’m in a pickle.☺️

Our accommodation for the night was a bed in a stable conversion, which was peaceful and chilled with a🔥 fire pit, lovely people and chat - and I had a great night's sleep in the sounds of nature.🍃

I’ve crossed paths with even more changemakers who will make a difference to life on Earth, and encountered much more of the same symbolism ♾️🔱🐉🪶.

Knowing, I'm always exactly where I need to be. My life is pretty epic and absolutely beautiful.

My infinite love 💗

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