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Orange sky Exeter cathedral
Whilst at my folks’, a friend of theirs I met once and knew was ‘important’ visited. “Coincidentally”, last minute, he invited me to his christening that weekend. ‘Knowing’ I should, I went. It became apparent when seated I was to protect his child from the indoctrination of darkness throught the ceremony. I put the ‘light’ child in a protective bubble, shielding him from negativity and harm. My parents aided too. 🕯️☺️

A two night stay in medieval Exeter city followed, and I was guided around the quayside, cathedral and christmas market, the city walls, into a church of St Michael + All Angels (as in Royston) and also the Royal Albert Memorial Museum - containing Roman, African, Egyptian artefacts, exotic animals 🤢 and fossils. A cleanse was required.

Afterwards, the sky turned some beautiful colours! 🧡💜

I’ve received multiple blessings lately - a generous gift card, car usage (+ fuel) at house-sits, rail journey refunds, meals out, 2 months extra free on a subscription, money (from various unexpected sources), discounts on EVERYTHING I’ve wanted to buy. 🤪 I’m learning money is just energy - what we give with love is returned.

I’ve been out and about exploring Southern Devon with little Popcorn, heading to the coast and Berry Head and Shark Point so far, enjoying the sun on chilly days...☀️

Recent confirmations, signs + symbols include: swans, Gandhi (ref to new blog), infinity, trinity, Roman symbolism, portal, sovereign, wolves, Phoenix, Sphinx, lions, stags (Divine Masc), rainbow + bees.

Always exactly where I need to be.

As we’re coming to the end of the year, I have so much gratitude for what has transpired in 2023, the tough lessons, the healing and releases, the unfolding journey, the fun times, the people I’ve connected with and what’s to come feels exciting - I love writing, creating, exchanging energy and aiding the collective through Earth’s ascension.🌍

I’m doing what I love, being free, following my soul and living and creating my best life as I go.

At the universe's request - I now have 1-2-1 sessions to help you live your best life too released from limiting beliefs and fears. If there's anything you want help with, book a session.

If you’re reading this, I send you love on your journey too. 🌈💚🫶🕊️

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