Childlike wonder and returning to innocence

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Stacey towel and boots
A short kit change at my folks' and I'll be heading south of UK.🎒

Interestingly, since leaving, Mt Etna 🌋 is now awake, active and erupting vigorously. I hope new friends stay safe there.🤞

So my last stay was in spiritually 'significant' Royston on the Michael/Mary ley line. Locally there's a protected ancient monument believed to be a cave used by the Knights Templar which Clare I visited a year ago. I only realised I was there when I heard "familiar" as I was leaving the shop above the cave. I had just spoken to Clare that morning too. 🐈‍⬛ I’ve no (conscious) idea for what purpose I’d returned tbh. ✨☺️

Anyway my hibernation and procrastination period is coming to an end, as it is for a lot of lightworkers feeling the shove to apply the wisdom they've gained on their own journey, to aid humanity.

I’ve received timely relevant activations through the audiobook I mentioned and I've had multiple visits from horse, squirrel, fly, spider and ladybird spirits. 🪰🕷️🐞

I've found myself in childlike wonder at the world ❄️ and in a frosty garden in a bath towel and boots excited to see the frost on the leaves. 🍁 🥶 🥾

I've had poignant past memories to review and release, brought out via random retro songs on Alexa.

I've had personal messages through obscure songs arriving in my head too. Lyrics relaying the message at random times/days in my head. Hopefully they’ll make sense at some point.

And in meditation I got, "your word is strong, you must use it. It will be a challenge." 💙

So, simultaneously I'm now offering "Truth Guidance live 1-2-1" sessions (details and booking on

This is as well as writing and creating @rr_lonewolfalchemy I’ll post more as it develops. (Please follow)

I feel like I've had a jedi level ascension since returning, the energies feeling excitable, positive and determined and I'm required to make 'things' happen and help create change.

Busy, busy. 😊

Interestingly, I'm being positioned where there's a high concentration of healers, channellers and psychics than anywhere else on Earth 🌍 and it's apparently Britain’s capital of pseudoscience. I've been before and had an inkling it was special.

Stay tuned, have courage and hold steady, we’ve got this. 🌍💚🕊️

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