Clarity in the stillness

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Open fire

Returning from Italy, the universe cleared my schedule. I've been resting, grounding, bathing, journalling, reading and integrating knowledge, whilst inhaling fresh air and eating well.

I had thought I was developing a cold (mental exhaustion) as I was snotting and sneezing 🤧 however, I realise I was detoxing old energies to make way for new ones from the 11/11 portal.

I've also been discerning various energies and purging collective sadness, irritability, frustration and anger. 😕

I’ve had bone aches and head vibrations which I recognise as ascension symptoms too as I recalibrate to the new frequencies.

Interestingly, doing my evening energy protection ritual outside one night ✨🌙 I asked for a divine tune up as I'm ready for more. Heading back indoors, one of the cats instantly and unusually became repelled by me and bit me (superficially) 🧛‍♀️🐈‍⬛ He’s having an energy healing session with the Circle of Light healer soon. 😉

A surprising meditation visually showed me in my birth mother's womb, seeing the pulsing embryonic sac and feeling her love and nurturing warmth ☺️. I then saw my young mum with long hair and a billowy yellow dress, happy. Next was the delivery room with other recognisable happy faces, inducing my tears from the love the universe wanted me to remember. 🤗

My parents came to visit me here and we explored Cambridge and Ware and ate, relaxed and laughed. It was such a blessing to spend this time with them both without distractions. 🫶

I've really enjoyed the simplicity of just being curled up by a beautiful open fire 🔥 reading books and, although fantasy fiction, realising they contained guidance and answers I've asked for.

I've also been listening to an audiobook recommended by Authentically Aligned Life's Nancy: Kaia Ra’s "The Sophia Code' which is really solidifying some of my own knowledge and providing further activations within me, helping me make more 'sense' of my path in this lifetime. 🔱 ♾️

I've been creating and working on my ideas too, trying to ground and balance my inner divine masculine. I still find this tough!

Whilst in this 'rest' period, I'm still pretty busy! However life is not a race, competition or endurance test. I've gained clarity and had lightbulb moments (all in divine timing). My heart chakra has also cracked open wider. 💗 Looking back, I'm proud of how far I've come on my journey and what I'm creating.

Unusually, I already know my next location. It arrived into my reality after my mind started wondering "what next?". I'd dismissed my clairaudience when it spoke - but seems it was correct. You'll have to wait and see... ☺️

Much love. 🤍

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