No pity-party allowed in Venice 🎭👻🎃

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Halloween in Venice
Venice was enchanting, as always. 🎭

I'm now back in the UK until the end of November, enjoying the peace and tranquility of my friend's beautiful rural home and recharging my energetic batteries after a busy time through Italia.

Having visited Venice previously - ever theatrical and magical, this time I visited the prison Palazzo delle Prigioni, various churches and the Librerua Acqua Alta book shop and meandered around the maze of streets away from tourist hotspots. 📚

For my final days in Italy before my flight, I stayed in a mixed dormitory of a great hostel just outside Venice. I did some fun things like going to a comedy gig and I enjoyed dancing with new friends at the halloween party too 👻🎃 But mostly, I enjoyed meeting people from various backgrounds, bonding through heart 🫶, seeing past artificial classifications and societal conditioning to connect with love, respect and kindness. 💚

Although predominantly an energy conducting, clearing and activating trip in Italy, I’ve also been transmuting collective and individual energies arising from the last full moon. 🌝

This bought out a melancholy mood, aware of personal "committment issues", and how I've been distracted by my mind and haemorrhaging too much of my energy externally on others, not focusing it internally on self. We cannot give from an empty cup.

However, the universe wasn’t allowing a pity party and I started laughing when my motivating anthem "Unstoppable by Sia" randomly burst onto the hostel speakers.

This prompted me to spiritually write, and I received 'help' from Source, oxygenating my inner flame again making me smile.🔥

Oh and here’s a story of manifestation: I needed a Euro coin for the washing machine. I didn't want to withdraw any more cash for €1 so I asked the universe to provide me with one. I went to the shops, returned, nothing 🤷‍♀️. Impatiently I withdrew cash, got stung with fees and humphed at the universe. 😂

The next day, I went to the toilet for a pee, and in the toilet bowl was a €1 coin. (I didn't fish out ☺️) but I laughed... a divine timing reminder, not my ego's timing of NOW. Make your wish, forget about it, it will happen (if it’s meant for you).

I’ve seen a few more symbols, and repeating numbers: 222, wolves, caduceus, Apollo, Eden, infinity symbols, and Neptune/Trident (again), but now I’m hoping to ground, meditate, hibernate and chill 🍂😮‍💨 Let’s see…

Tired, but very blessed and very happy. 🌈❤️❤️❤️

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