"Mongebello" - the sacred mountain

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Mount Etna
I've transitioned to 'mythical' work on Sicily seeing many Neptune, trident, poseidan, pegasus, medusa, minerva, Atlantis and lost empire, Apollo/Athena 🔱🧜‍♀️🐬☀️🌙 symbolism, as well as byzantine churches and the "Trinacria" symbol of Sicily.

On 23/10/23 I found myself in Syracuse - rich in Greek and Roman culture, prominently gridding and at the Tempio di Apollo.

A powerful knowing took me to active stratovolcano Etna (Mongebello) "beautiful mountain", the only sacred mountain in Europe, itself a powerhouse of mythology and legends inc. buried giants, altercations of gods, trapped souls and mythical creatures.

I've been staying at a beautiful hotel at volcanic epicentre Zafferanea Etnea in Etna’s National Park enduring an exhausting hike up to my hotel.🎒😮‍💨 I was disappointed I couldn't see Etna covered in mist ... however, solo, I set about freeing her from restraint, black magic and layers of negative energy and OMG!! a powerhouse of energy surged through me as I did - my heart filled with love and gratitude 🌍🥰. I experienced full body ecstacy and a powerful release from Mother Earth. Rains came and a storm followed last night. ⛈️🐉

Last minute, I booked onto a jeep tour and hike (there was a space 😉) and I have had THE BEST morning being upclose and personal with her on an unusually clear day - no fog, just sun ☀️. She even revealed her top as I left (which she hardly ever does!).

On arrival I saw a huge painting of AA Michael and an outline of Angel wings 🪽 clouds over Etna.🌋

Requested to wear my garnet pendant, I was in total AWE of the natural beauty of Mother Nature. I looked into some craters and when I stood at a prominent fracture, my legs started tingling like crazy and, hard hat on, I went down into one of her chambers, feeling incredible and unable to stop smiling - deep soul joy. ☺️ The guide gave me a rock - crystallised minerals. The tour finished at 12:12 - a significant clearing.

This 🇮🇹 trip has energetically exhausted me, but I'll be in Venice for Samhain festival 👻🎃 before a November of rest in the UK.

I've been told to 'prioritise' my energy to focus on creating stability and creating the legacy I leave now.

I am absolutely in flow and rhythm with the universe's orchestration of events. I trust and know, from experience, the universe always has my back. I am utterly, utterly blessed! Sending love to you. ❤️🫶

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