More pizza, pasta and pastry... in Northern Italia!

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I’ve found Bologna and Verona underwhelming tbh 😱; possibly the cold, rain and many mosquito bites have affected my enthusiasm, or maybe it was just my expectations.

However, things I have enjoyed:

- Reading a good book in bed after a hot shower
- Cooking local dish tortelloni (3 days straight) 🤤
- Drinking my English Breakfast tea from a glass
- Wine/dinner/dessert/conversations with new friends (including a deeply affecting chat with a Palestinian girl)
- Seeing Italians vying for service in a coffee shop 🤌🏼
- Clean laundry
- Wandering around a multicultural market
- Being fully present in life instead of on SM
- New 💚 connections
- Many architectural treasures
- Pizza, pasta, pastries (still!)

The hostel “recommended” I visited Certosa cemetery in Bologna which was INCREDIBLE! 👼Unexpectedly magnificent with alllll its marble and affluence.

Then I walked up a lot of steps to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca, alongside the UNESCO World Heritage Site of its Porticoes - a pilgrimage destination sitting 300 metres above Bologna with 666 arches. The sun came out and I got a beautiful panoramic view that day and sunburn. 😮‍💨

Multiple unawakened masculines (+ feminines) have engaged with me testing my own learning and responses in many ways. One guy becoming agitated and belittling towards me during our chat as I wasn't agreeing with him or behaving as he wanted - although I was respectful of his POV.

Wrong lineage of Divine Feminine to try that with.😉

I'm learning to harness my powerful DF energy and refocus it these days, reacting differently from the past.🔥

A new friend and I hiked up to ill santuario della madonna di lourdes monastery, Verona (same as Bologna?) at dusk last night. We were blessed with many dramatic sky colours, a double rainbow 🌈 and panoramic view of the city.

Today, I found myself on old Roman road Via Postumia. It connected the two cities of Aquileia and Genoa, two important ports in Roman times, literally crossing Verona. I became aware after wandering into the Romanic Church of Saint Lawrence where a volunteer intercepted me and explained about St Christopher, key ports, and the road and church's Roman heritage.

What I also now realise is I have actually been laying foundations of what I am co-creating, researching, experiencing and putting learning/guidance into practice here. ✨

However, instead of continuing North, I've decided to detour to Sicily tomorrow for the last of the autumnal sunshine and warm weather.


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