The heart of the Roman Empire

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Julius Caesar statue
Rome was an unexpected 42 degs on arrival on 10/10 🥵. I've averaged 12 miles a day in 5 days exploring here.

Initially anxious it would be energetically intense here for a lightworker - especially solo - I've been quite surprised. 🥰

I've actually not been expected to go into the Colloseum or Vatican City, however I was required to walk around their perimeters, conducting and earthing energy into Gaia instead. 🌍👣

Finding myself at the Curia of Pompey site was no real surprise at it was where Julius Caesar was assassinated 🔪 , and I've had a lot of Roman energies to clear in this lifetime and others (see previous posts). The ruins gave me an unexpected feeling of contentment, familarity + peace. Quite a few felines on site too. 🐈‍⬛🐈

Whilst there, I asked for any soul fractal pieces to be returned to me and all other JC incarnates helping us collectively heal and ascend - and in amongst the Roman Forum part of Roma early morning, I bumped into JC’s statue. 👀

The panaramic views of skyline of the ancient city from Complesso Vittoriano or Altare della Patria "Alter of the Fatherland" monument is worth the visit - especially as I enjoyed my breakfast there before huge crowds arrived. ☕️🥐☀️

Organically, I've found myself in lesser known churches and fountains 🐉, in parks listening to birds + buskers, and in museums - some that carried much denser energies for me to clear. ✨
I've seen multiple Neptune + Trident 🔱 statues, Obelisks, Sphinx and such grand buildings amongst the enchanting cobbled streets - and I've indulged in MUCH pastry, pizza 🍕 and pasta 🍝 🤤 which has been glorious. The crowds at key sites not so much...

And, after a universal shove yesterday, advanced beautiful soul @authenticaligned (Instagram) and I promptly connected to exchange wisdom - mainly Nancy helping me dislodge an energetic blockage causing me to overthink (mind), and not trust my own knowing and guidance (heart). Give her a follow there.

I'm so excited about life - Nancy confirming my own knowing, plus giving helpful guidance as to where to start to prevent overwhelm 🤪

I bought a cute little “Athena” pendant keepsake too. ☀️

Onwards to a city I’ve always wanted to go... follow to find out where.

Ciao, ciao. 🫶

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