The road from Santiago de Compostela...

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Santiago de Compostela Cathedral
Completion ⭕️. I’ve completed my spiritual work in Spain (confirmed internally and externally) 🇪🇸 and I will fly to the UK on Saturday, and head up soon to the North East to spend spring and summer where I’ve spent a lot of my life. My soul is very excited to do all the things I love most again, in a place I love. 💃😍

The last 2 months here seem a blur, but looking back over my posts, I’ve crossed paths with some very beautiful awakening + awakened souls and cleansed some dark places - and only now see the bigger picture of where I’ve been guided and why.✨

I’ve had help, guidance and spiritual clues and messages from my mum, dad, the universe and awakened friends, and I love being boots on the ground for the collective 🥾👣🎒 #Fearless

My last stops have been in Ribadeo and a faster BlaBla car to Ourense before finally reaching Santiago de Compostela 🕍 my start point; lighting a few candles in the magnificent cathedral to close the loop.🕯️🐉 ☀️

I’ve loved making new heart connections and memories that will last this lifetime and loved writing a new blog.📕

My soul’s journey won’t ever stop - however, I trust my inner wisdom more than ever, and just flowing with what is and the UK is where I need to be again. The story will continue. 🇬🇧

Thanks for following my journey and I send love to each of you on yours. ❤️🌈😘


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