Drakensberg Mountains near Durban

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Lion's at Lion House, South Africa
I’ve covered a lot of kms in the last week. I visited the Talana Battlefields/Heritage Museum and stayed in a traditional hut 🛖 nicely positioned next to it to transmute energies 😂

I drove through the spectacular Drakensberg mountain range, hiking 11.1 miles (17.8kms) across the gorge to the bottom of the world’s “tallest” waterfall, Tugela Falls, with a friend, which was immense 💚

I then drove through more breathtaking scenery across the border from KwaZulu Natal to Free State. However, potholes and road subsidence are more pot craters and missing road sections 🦄 🕳 😱

🦁 I was immensely excited to stay at Lion House at GG Conservation believing I would be the one inside the perimeter and the lions outside, which was true, however, disappointingly, it is not about lion conservation as the 70+ lions were bred into captivity and I really dislike this, BUT, I needed to be there to learn, challenge, transmute and aid… also, the lions are loved and well cared for and have spacious enclosures.

The sound they all made “wumping” to each other was lovely - even at 3am 😊

I bonded with one lioness (mouth open in image) … and I myself heard I should “touch her”. With her being a predator and the voltage of the electric fence ⚡️, I dismissed the “thought” as crazy 🤪. However, casually, my clairaudient/clairvoyant dad said afterwards she WANTED me to touch her 🥺

The sound of the africa night too is glorious as everything comes alive at night ✨ including the big bugs which I’ve seen loads of 🫣

Alas, my 90 day visa expires next week and I’ve decided to head back to the UK for my dad’s special birthday on Sunday (27th Nov). I have applied for an exciting 3 year job in South Africa for a big cat rescue sanctuary here. They’re a global charity so I’ve everything crossed I get it🤞however, the universe has stopped me getting corporate jobs previously to continue utilising me 🌍♟😂

My ego doesn’t want to come back 😭 but I’m following my soul 👣 as ever and I believe I’ve more work to do which will become clear as it always does. I’m looking forward to catching up with friends and family if I can 🙏

Lots of love 💜

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