A hike up Table Mountain, Cape Town

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Top of Table Mountain
This last week, and probably this week, has been about grounding, resting and recharging. 🍃

With the intense eclipse energies, I started struggling on my path. I was being asked to go deeper within and purge, release, let go and surrender more. I didn’t know what or how. 🤷‍♀️

I did know I needed to go to ground, go inwards, listen and hear my own inner wisdom as my mind had kicked in causing havoc seemingly overnight.

So I’ve been staying on the outskirts of Cape Town and I visited Kirstenbosch botanical gardens which is heavenly and was the perfect place to be silent, be still, to remove my shoes and reconnect with Mother Earth and feel the sun on my face. 👣☀️🌍

Here, I got the universal downloads I needed to do more healing and balancing of my masculine and feminine energies, and am sooo blessed to be walking my path, having the experiences that I am. 🕊 I also spent time in Newland’s Forest 🌳

My soul was also ready to have a Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing (RAAH) session with friend Clare + her partner, Jeffrey, on Halloween 🎃 where they helped clear out energies that had been affecting me significantly, and removed outdated soul contracts and helped me activate further 🌹🦂. I have an Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy (AURA) soon to revisit my past lives, after my new energies have embedded and balanced. 💚

Still healing, I’ve returned to Cape Town city as I was guided and hiked the beautiful Table Mountain ⛰ with a friend 🥰 and it was immense, incredible, magical and necessary 😅😮‍💨

It’s just a reminder, we’re all on our unique soul journeys. None of us are perfect, have the perfect life, are love and light all the time. Healing and growth are excruciating, painful, intense, magical, incredible ✨ We have to go through our darkness (not avoid it) to let in the light.

Much love and many blessings. 🥰


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