A visit to Wild Spirit Lodge, Nature's Valley

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View of the sacred mountain
Sooooo I’m just about to leave Wild Spirit lodge in Nature’s Valley on the border of Tsitsikamma wilderness - immersing myself and grounding in greenery for nearly a week 😍💚

However, when I arrived at Wild Spirit Lodge it wasn’t like I expected. Dark energies hung over the land and lodge. I couldn’t put my finger on my discomfort. For all intents and purposes I thought being at this place would enhance my own spiritual abilities. It did…of sorts.

I thought about checking out day one because of my unease, especially after my dad also told me he dreamt, for two nights, dark energies were watching me. I felt the same following a walk around the “magic forest” Great!! 😱🙄

Synchronistically, I crossed paths with the lodge owner Jenny who explained she had a deep sadness and wasn’t sure if it was from the land or within. Someone else here also had felt the animals were sad too. 🧐

Rather than leave, I set about clearing energies I knew I had to transmute out, cutting cords etc. Needing support, I asked my friend + divine feminine, Clare, for energetic assistance, and she identified the land was weeping and that the sacred mountain and land were under restriction of black magic, dark entities, trapped souls and sacrificial blood spilled on the land. 😢

Together, we got to work with the higher dimensions 🐉 😇 ✨ and we cleared the lands, aided souls etc, freeing Mother Earth, who then came through powerfully + energetically to assist the cleansing of the lands and waters and began restoring them to original pristine condition. New trees have physically been planted onsite here too. 😍💚

Following this clearing, I activated a few other beautiful light workers now able (because of the cleanse) to ascend higher on their own Divine missions aiding the collective on this beautiful land. This place feels absolutely incredible now… so if you can send energies or you’re a DF or DM in South Africa, I highly recommend it.

My experience wasn’t as expected (never is! 😂) but what a fantastic few days of putting my knowledge to the test to aid humanity as we collectively ascend. 🌍

My mind never ceases to be blown on my soul’s journey… 🤯 but I love it all. I’m totally blessed. 🥰

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