Volunteering at Shamwari Game Reserve, South Africa

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Lion at Shamwari Game ReserveSo concludes my final week of volunteering on the Conservation Experience at Shamwari Game Reserve 🇿🇦💔
What a magical, exhilarating and breathtaking experience! 😍 Physically tough at times, but fantastic.
The universe certainly exceeded my expectations beyond my wildest dreams 🥰✨

My second week involved more physical work of removing different invasive species, erosion control, community work; combined with extremely close sightings of 2 (of the reserve’s 3) cheetahs in action, buffalo at the lodge perimeter, wild rhinos, hippos and elephants in a hurry! 🐘😳😂.

A trip to Shamwari’s wildlife rehabilitation centre and seeing a little rhino that will be released in time was also glorious. 🥰

A walk around the reserve identifying tracks and poop, more scenic picnics and a truly awe-inspiring night drive where we saw (close up) lions after a kill 😅, a sky full of stars from the Southern Hemisphere, and an engine off, nocturnal, experience listening to the sounds of Shamwari. 🦉

We also experienced sunrise with an early morning game drive and an Anti-Poaching K9 demonstration and I feel truly humbled and blessed that I was shown so much about this wonderful planet we call home.🌍

On the flip side, we learned about a blot on the South African landscape which is the massive industry of Canned Hunting and blood lions - something I’ll write about soon; also about how people in power are abusing it for short term monetary gains - creating long term environmental damage. Read my blog. 😔

However, we got creative building a community Jungle Gym - creating a safari vehicle for the local community children - we captured their imagination and they could not wait to start playing on it. ❤️

So with an experience and friendships that will stay in my heart forever, it’s time to pack up the rucksack and head for more adventures in South Africa - and I’ve chosen to make my way across the Garden Route to Cape Town with multiple stops in mind; no absolute plan, no timescale.🎒

I hope you continue to get involved in my soul’s journey as you’re all amazing souls I’ve met along the way. Infinite love 💚💚💚

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