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Phoenix and Ankh
Looking after cocker spaniel George, I’ve had a sanctuary to heal and purge residual aspects of myself I no longer need surrounded by Mother Nature 🍃. A period of death and rebirth. I’ve been guided to fully surrender to the unknown and flow with what IS - present.

I have been blocked from corporate roles I’ve submitted for (silence) and rental accommodation I’ve wanted have just disappeared. I now know I’m not heading back to the North East 🤷‍♀️

I’m not to go backwards or into a comfort zone; I need to press on with my soul’s journey✨

However, the universe also pushed my buttons wiping my laptop and memory stick completely including “essential” documents/drafts, losing loads of phone contact numbers; whilst giving me a new phone number…purging.

This lot instigated a huge battle (and meltdown on the underfloor heated bathroom floor 😂) with my ego about the lack of ability to control my situation or generate funds essential for living costs.

The universe then lit a fire under my ass to quit the pity party and step fully into my power and stop playing small (self doubt) and underestimating myself - with the full moon 🌝🔥

I’ve had many signs and synchronicities: phoenixes, infinity ♾️ symbols, repeating words like Roman, trinity and someone wearing a Julius Caesar t-shirt on the Roman bridge crossed my path. All is well 😊

I’ve also been to Corbridge Roman Town ruins 🐉 (orchestrated 😂), the church 🕯️, driven the old Roman road (accidentally 🧐), visited Dilston Physic Garden, Richmond Museum, + Harrogate with good friends and family (some energy work + Gaia healing at points)

AND I’ve been developing things behind the scenes with my company @rohorafiki (I can’t wait to share) PLUS, I’ve bought a new domain for future use 🤩

I have had more steps about the direction I’m heading, self development, learning + destination and I’m off again soon into the unknown 🎒✈️

I cannot know what will happen in my chapters 📕. I cannot control anything or anyone but myself AND life is a constant shedding of things I no longer need; but I am equipped and absolutely blessed. I trust the universe always has my back and gives me what I need when I need it.

I love it 🕊️🥰💚

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