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Stacey exploring Ibiza
Three friends and I met up and combined our light worker energies to aid humanity’s ascension further - with gridwork, transmuting and activating to remove more dark energies from the planet as we go through a collectively awakening.🛡️

All of us were pivotal to the tasks required and we worked in sync to play our part in the team to complete the work we had including activating parts of the crystalline grid aiding Mother Earth. 🌎

As well as channelling and grounding the light energies as they enter the planet, we can be required to purge dense energies that can make us physically ill at times - and exhaustion, headaches, sickness and 💩 were par for the course for us this weekend.

A couple of us then headed on to a church to release mostly women and children’s souls held by the darkness in a bone crypt - freeing them to continue on their soul journeys and ensuring more dark energies lose their power. 💪

I also had a beautiful activating and healing reiki session before I continued off to Ibiza. ✈️

A lovely weekend of catch-ups, kitten cuddles and laughter - as with our “work”, you need a sense of humour!♟️😂 But a job well done.

The darkness cannot stand the light which is coming onto the planet.

I’m currently resting and soaking in rays ☀️ as the weekend was intense energetically. I’ve explored Eivissa’s old town and cathedral, and will be catching a ferry to Formentera island tomorrow before a yoga retreat (grounding fully) for a few days in the north of Ibiza. 🧘🏼‍♀️

Lots of signs I’m exactly where I should be; even if I won’t consciously realise why until later.

Keeping you updated as I go… keep holding your vibration high and shining your light too beauties.


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