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Having spent a few days in Ibiza (Eivissa) and Formentera (Es Calo), I've had some chill time to relax, flow and get some clarity.

Aside from drifting around the cathedral and the old town, I've been gifted so many blessings.

- A free seat upgrade on the plane over to Ibiza
- 2 free bus rides (saving 40 euros taxi)
- A free laundry service
- 2 upgraded fast ferry crossings
- An insanely beautiful view from my apartment, free early check-in.
- 2 incredible solo sunrises
- connection to the invigorating waters + lightcodes
- Clarity on my claircognizance (clear-knowing)
- Various resonating signs, symbols, numbers, messages, song lyrics. 🎶

However, the wind took my cap on the ferry - and now some dolphin is probably playing with it. 🙄🐬

Now, this is important...

I love and accept myself EXACTLY as I am.

This statement is liberating AF!☀️

For a while I've wrestled with the projections of others, I'm "too much", "too this, too that", "not good enough", "intense", or should be doing this or that in spiritual practice - suppressing myself.

Now, the thing is, I will never follow ANYONE else for guidance, only my own inner compass - and it's been pretty accurate to date. 🧭

It's taken a while for me to step fully into my divine feminine energy and power. Against societal norms, I love my heart, soul, mind + body wholeheartedly. 🔥

I would rather feel intensely and passionately for my life and everyone in it, and enjoy my human experience, than suppress who I am for the comfort or validation of others, or have a mundane or mediocre existence. I feel deeply.

Saying that, everyone has free will to choose their own path and I respect and love others unconditionally for the choices that they make. We have different levels of consciousness and everyone's path is different. No judgements.

My life has been, and continues to be, pretty epic. I'm insanely happy now I've cleared that sh!t out - worried about what others will think if…

I'm immensely excited about my path, who knows what TF will happen 🤷‍♀️ I'm open to whatever comes, but for now, I want to be fully present in my body and the environment around me at a yoga retreat for a few days. Balance.🧘🏼‍♀️


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