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Stacey at Yoga Retreat Ibiza
My 4 day yoga retreat turned into 8. 😊🧘🏼‍♀️

I hadn’t fully known why I had come to Ibiza, although I knew I needed to ground my energies and be fully present in my body.

There, I tried different yoga styles with various instructors, was introduced to breathwork practices, listened to shamanic drumming on Benirrás beach in the evenings, listened to an intimate and impromptu music session there, wandered the ‘hippy market’, had a poem type written for me, watched glorious sunsets, meditated on the beach in the mornings, connected in with the sacred waters and various sacred places 🐉, and ate delicious home-cooked vegetarian food.

I feel honoured to have spent time in deep and present conversations with incredibly beautiful beings that carry light energies. 😍✨

I was gifted a room upgrade on arrival with a balcony and lovely view, and most significantly, I crossed paths with a conscious, courageous and awakened divine masculine walking his path to aid the collective also🦄. Interestingly, we needed to exchange our energies, including knowledge, a crystal and lightcodes before continuing to walk our own paths. 💙💚

From that meeting, I was taken on a breadcrumb trail and introduced to Ibiza’s goddess “Tanit”. Her symbol reminding me of Isis’s Ankh. I then visited Tanit’s cave as well as the rock formation Es Vedrà. It’s attracted numerous myths and legends and believed to be the 3rd most magnetic place on Earth, after Bermuda Triangle and North Pole. I did energy cleansing at these points under a full moon.

I’ve also held the light in dark situations-emitting love 🌈, discerned projected energies, and aided others needing help with issues in their reality. 🫶

Everything has unfolded in Ibiza exactly as it should. I’ve fully surrendered to my path and I’m flowing with what is - it’s liberating AF. ☺️

I’m on a ferry to my next location - my higher self told me to travel by boat… a friend repeated this message in a voice-note. 😅

Thank you all for being pretty awesome - the world is filling with light and love - I’ve seen it myself.

From my heart space to yours. 🤗❤️😘

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