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Sagrada Familia
The universe gifted me dolphin spirit on the ferry to Barcelona! ⛴️🐬🤩

I now realise my heart chakra was fully activated on Ibiza, a particular moment of heart space intensity after visiting Es Vedrà on the last full moon. 🌝

I'm now in Barcelona and my 'activating' Twin Flame has been in the city too and has aided my journey giving me relevant places to visit including the Sagrada Familia, El-Born ruins, Palau de la Musica, Montjuic gardens + castle and La Boqueria market. I've walked a lot of KMs around the city conducting and transmuting energies, visiting the Arc de Triomf, Las Ramblas, Parc de la Ciutadella and other markets too.

Here, I've had tough lessons from others in the form of energy withdrawals. Cycles end. Naturally pain and sadness ensued 😢 however the lessons and tests served a higher purpose. 🙂✨

In fact, the universe has exaggerated my messaging here:

SYMBOLISM - so much sacred geometry, triangles, caduceus’, specific numbers.

LOVE - from new connections, family, friends and many compliments by complete strangers! 
ANIMAL messengers 🐬 🐺 🦁 🦜 🐉
DOLPHINS: inner strength, divine love, healing of emotional wounds, protection, freedom and playfulness.
WOLVES: courage and trust of own instincts and intuition.
LIONS: strength, courage, confidence, reclaiming leadership position, nobility and grace.
PARROTS: love, keep moving and to watch our words.
DRAGONS: fire and passion; powerful, natural born leader, big transformations spiritually.

Synchronicities have also been happening with the proactive Divine Masculine I crossed paths with in Ibiza, who is stepping beautifully into his power, potential and purpose. 💙

I’ve been reminded I have a job to do here on Earth as a Twin Flame Divine Feminine - and others can appear to test our knowledge, or serve as distractions to stop us walking our higher path. Keep walking. 👣

I've had fun times with new friends; people of all nationalities, proving love really is all around us when we park our ego and open our hearts to connect. 💞🥰

Even though Barcelona has been intense for me in many ways, my heart is filled with so much gratitude and love for my life and all the beings in it.

What a ride! 🎢 💚

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