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Popcorn the dog
I've been recharging my energetic battery with a lot of uninhibited dancing around the kitchen, shaking out my Divine Feminine energy as it has felt stuck of late; reason unknown 🌝. I've focussed my energy inwards on self instead of outwards giving a lot to others, cooking, cleansing, meditating - and I'm starting to feel the deep soul joy & passion I'm regularly used to. ☺️

Anyone else been practically struggling with the Mercury Retrograde? Booking anything has been a faff - plans falling though 😮‍💨

I’ve stayed in Totnes as synchronistically a follow-on house sit emerged with awesome little Cavapoo, Popcorn as a housemate.😍

She's amazing and such a brilliant little sidekick when we've gone out walking, got utterly lost, tredged through thick clay mud, climbed gates and fences and returned several hours and miles later - but man, it's felt good - except for cleaning off fox sh!t she rolled in. 🦊

The family I'm sitting for invited me to stay the day before they left and I had lush time being part of their crazy, happy household and their everyday life. 🤪🫶

Totnes has felt mystical and exciting to me and I've since found out it is home to an Ancient Well from at least 13th century used for its perceived healing properties.

3s are associated with it symbolising the Holy Trinity.
I found the well, cut dark cords attached to it (as it's another pilgrimage site/alter) and cleansed the sacred waters running from it through the town. I also visited the park where the '3 guardians' of the well reside.

Totnes is home to pagans, an 'alternative community' and a local witch 🧙🏼‍♀️🙂

I then went to the “most haunted castle” in the UK Berry Pomeroy wearing my selenite pendant. I knew I need to visit there when I was told about it. I knew there were deaths onsite with the Blue Lady murdering her baby sired by her father, and visitors. I heard "help is coming" on the way. 💫

I'm really loving my time in Devon and Cornwall, lots about King Arthur and the region was a pilgrimage place for the Knights of the Round Table. 👑 🗡️🛡️

I also received an external message to say I should "expect to be surprised and delighted" on my journey. Bring it...😅

Life is beautiful 🥰🥰🥰

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