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Little Venice

I’ve just enjoyed a lush, hot, two-night visit to London.☀️

Staying near Oxford Street, I explored places I’ve not known or visited before, and I loved interacting with strangers who’ve wanted to engage. 🥰

Highlights included visiting the exquisite Rose Garden in Regent’s Park, walking around Little Venice and grounding and picnicking in Kensington gardens, sitting under a lovely old tree, reading my book, listening to birdsong and watching the world go by, hurriedly, unaware. 🌳 👣 🧺 It used to be me…

In this brief visit, I’m reminded how utterly blessed I am to be fortunate to have the experiences I have and live a life I love daily. 

I can be fully present in the now, engaging with what is…not worrying about the future or thinking about the past too much, althought this is still work in progress.

If you’re interested, read my soul journey posts, and as the path unfolds, let’s see where we go together… 🫶

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