"Not all who wander are lost"

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Favourite coffee shop
I try and find the magic in every day. In my surroundings, in people, in myself - and I do. 🦋☀️✨🌈

I've found my most favourite independent coffee shop in Devon. I like it because I can sit in the window on a swing and sip on my black tea 🫖, enjoying the sway whilst listening to ambient music in a little oasis for the soul. I may stay in the UK's South West longer - I like it, and I get to decide.

I'm not heading to the States just yet, I'm in a universal headlock. I know I've energy work to do there, but I also know I'm being divinely protected and "it's not time", but receiving info. all the time about the trip. I’m excited to be released.

So in this pretty medieval market town, Totnes, I've visited the Guildhall - a magistrates and criminal court and gaol in 1600s built on the ruins of the medieval Benedictine priory. Also the castle (outside of it so far) and the church of St Mary. There's connections to Sir Frances Drake (sea lord) an English explorer, and Isambard Kingdom Brunel here.

I met a woman (at a holistic wellness event) who had divine messages for me too. The exchange was equal between us both. 🫶

I’m reminded I need drop back into my heart centre. I've been up in my mind a lot recently overthinking, feeling lack about this and that, instead of appreciating all the beauty that I experience and giving gratitude for the abundance and knowledge I have.

I am blessed in soooo many ways.☺️

Where our attention goes, energy flows they say - so don't hold on to or share negative/lower vibrational thoughts. Focus on the positive to get into the abundance state again - attraction. 🧲

My life is incredible, but we can all fall off balance at times. That’s ok! We just recognise, adjust and get back on the horse.

Plymouth city before here was useful, from a collecting knowledge and making connections POV, but not a place for me to stay long.

A good pizza 🍕 and laughs with a friend in an old monestary we're beautiful as was noticing a symbolic scallop shell (regular on my Santiago de Compostela adventures previously) confirmed I did what was required, where I was required.

I’ve had my first Dutch @rohorafiki customer too! 🥰 Don't forget, a discount code will be sent to website subscribers soon.

Find the blessings in everyday. There’s always something to express gratitude for. 😘

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