Released from a Universal headlock ✨

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Swans and sunlight

Since New Year, I’ve been in a universal headlock. Now I’m released and on fire with new energies about to get moving again. ⚔️🛡️ Christmas, my birthday and NY were blessed and magical.✨

Messages and meet-ups with friends and family, compliments and exhanges with strangers, good food, gifts, walks in nature, warmth, books, dancing and feeling blissfully happy - realising the joy of coconut milk chai latte. 🤤

Then boom 💥 heaviness of collective hopelessness, sadness, anger and stagnancy. I faced tiredness and needed to withdraw to “rest”, transmute and purge, ready for the new frequencies as we level up.

Luckily, my folks’ are exceptionally supportive, knowing everything unfolds in divine timing - not my egos!

Every attempt to move forward blocked - no response, or rejection.

I had to be still and sit with the discomfort rather than seek a hit of instant gratification as I would have in the past. In hindsight it was necessary.

I’m now underway with a Diploma in Counselling to support and aid facilitating my intuitive Truth Guidance 1-2-1s sessions.

I bought a beautiful protective Labradorite crystal, which is under my pillow enhancing my intuition and helping me ground my energies and protect my aura.

I cleansed a nearby Cathedral (I found myself in front of 😅) and have seen multiple ‘144’s, angel numbers and spirit animals 🦢🦌, symbols and messages reminding me of my role on Earth, offering me reassurance through this phase.

Pluto also moves out of Capricorn now too ending 15 years of tough lessons I’ve faced. 😮‍💨 I’m confidently equipped for whatever comes my way and will support others on their own soul journeys too.

I’ve also been able to add “wordwear” back to my clothing on! 😍 I will announce more on @rohorafiki in February. I’ve got lots more followers on my blogs and I have my next steps now.

The universal release becoming evident through the ease of attraction and flow again.

As it happens, even though I could not see it, it was all unfolding beautifully. ☺️

I’m fizzy excited for what’s to come and the progress we’ve collectively made.

I also love watching you guys stand in your power too from @rohorafiki.

It’s an absolute blessing to stand with you as we collectively awaken.

My infinite love, Stacey 🫶🕊️

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