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Sudbury house

It’s been 4 years since I quit ‘conventional’ life and what a transformational ride it’s been! 🎢🙌 I’ve been through death and rebirth, tough lessons, healing and growth cycles to up-level to receive new energies arriving on Earth, aiding the collective through our awakening. The euphoria and gratitude I feel is immense within me. 🌈

People ( & Jessie dog 🥹) have gone, chapters close when lessons complete, which ALWAYS affects me deeply, however, I am surrounded by beautiful energies that bless my life, that reciprically offer love, strength and support if I wobble - instinctively giving me guidance and confirmation to my own knowing too. ✨

I realise I only get specific info on a “need to know basis”. 😂

I had fun in London with my friend Saloni, then found myself at the wonderful Victoria and Albert museum in front of Triton and Neptune, Michaelangelo’s David + other sculptures and artefacts. 😍

Afterwards, I headed to an incredible c1450s house in Sudbury, Suffolk, that has an angel carved in its structure 😇 I had to give it an energetic cleanse on arrival, but it feels cosy and peaceful.

It’s been a good base, to power through and complete my Counselling Diploma (distinction), receive inner info and head back ‘in the field’ to nearby locations of Lavenham (meeting my friend Ali, for cake and lunch 🦢) and Bury St Edmunds.

All locations required me to visit churches (cleansing, gridding, transmuting) and a cathedral in BsE with AAs Micheal, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel in the stained glass.

Wandering around the grounds, I realised my curiousity when I subconsciously arrived in the old 900s crypt. The Micheal (Ley) line runs through it, intersecting the Mary Line at that location.🔑☺️

The universe has also been testing me, offering me people and scenarios to react differently in my higher frequency and stand in my power; sending external confirmations via strangers, I’ve aided along the way.

Tests passed, higher levels activated.

The energies are electric. I've got a physical shock of several times.⚡️

So many signs, syncs, symbols: Neptune, angels, phoenix, trinity, infinity, stags, wolf, swans, ladybirds, numbers...manifestations arriving quickly.

Don’t fear life, embrace it. 🫶

PS, the friend I made in Barca, had her IVF baby boy. ☺️👑

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