Ebbing and flowing in life

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great oak tree

I learnt that the c1450 Sudbury house was a school “haunted by children” 👻 and the carved angel sits on a “dragon beam” 🐉 and I was there to aid their onward journeys ☺️ as I did in the bone crypt last year.

I also found myself exchanging energy with a great oak 🌳 and clearing another Holy Trinity church completing my work in the Suffolk area. 🐉🦢

Moving on to Guildford, Surrey, with my rucksack prompted one guy to ask if I was “leaving home”… something like that. ☺️

I’m here now with Magnus the golden Labrador - a big cuddle bug - until next weekend. We’re watching movies in the cinema room, and his enthusiasm for life is infectious - his bum wiggles and his joy when he hears himself fart then sniffs it. 😷🤦‍♀️

There’s been another collective constriction then expansion to move through too, arriving differently for each of us; more personal clearing and clarity for me - and I know soul friends have also been doing the same.

Last night I had an enlightening and reenergising Rays of Light energy reading with friend and soul sister @authenticaligned who was an incredible divine channel for my higher self to communicate messaging.

Nancy effortlessly and immediately helped me identify seeds of false and limiting beliefs I was unconsciously holding on to projected and planted by others previously, blocking my energy flow and ascension, clipping my wings and potential. The seeds can now be removed at source.😮‍💨

I’ve also received clarity and intelligence in various forms guiding me forward, and I’ve accessible new doorways. Blessings have arrived in instant manifestations, cheap travel, heavily discounted accommodation, free extended stays, meals, companionship, friendships, heart cookie, luxuries…

The past weeks I’ve seen more swans, crowns, Kings, dragons, Phoenix, angels, Mary and Michael places, St George, oak trees, lions, numbers, stars, constellations, serpent… and these all tie in nicely to where I’m (excitingly) headed in the coming weeks. (Though I didn’t know at the time of booking 😂).

I don’t know where I’m going (in life) but I know it won’t be boring 😴🌈✨🙌


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