Myths, legends + cord cutting 🌕

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Round table

I’ve detached energies that were siphoning mine, affecting my capacity and ability to create. Completed cycles couldn’t close, keeping me looping in confusion unable to walk through new doorways. I had elevated someone else’s ‘wisdom’ above my own leaving me doubting and distrusting myself, but their beliefs were incorrect and definitely not applicable my own soul’s journey.

I’ve removed the seeds at source with energetic cord cuts, a full moon burning ritual and detached fully in the physical world too. They’d impacted other beliefs I’d held on to and afterwards I was rewarded with external confirmations and an expansion in my heart chakra. Immense relief + excited feelings arrived.

No-one knows more about your journey than you.

On a human level it stung to release someone I’d considered a friend, but the universe has a higher vantage point and I realised they’d played their part. Now a fire is lit in me to create and build a new world for humanity.🔥

I’m now in Winchester (Venta Belgarum) the 5th Roman city and former capital of England.

Gifted with a ride from the train station, wine and chocolates, I have the company of two kittens. 🐈‍⬛

Wearing my garnet pendant (+ selenite) and with no knowledge of the city, I’ve already been led to do a cleanse of the city’s waterways 🐉, walk up St Catherine’s Hill (where black death pits were dug) and over the mizmaze copse.

I was guided into a chapel built on the palace of William the Conqueror.

I also have been into the Cathedral fascinated by the currently flooded crypt and the blaeu globes, especially the celestial one✨The cathedral houses Jane Austen’s grave too. 📕

I’ve been in the Great Hall in Winchester castle where mythical King Arthur’s round table is hanging, some believing it to be the original Camelot site. Dendrochronology dating the wood around c1290 (Edward I rule and subsequently repainted by Henry VIII) + I’ve been into its Sallyports (underground passageways).

One of the most important new medieval manuscripts, Le Morte de Arthur (The Death of Arthur) was discovered in Winchester College library.

The journey continues...

Much love 💗

Signs: Knights, kings, feathers, trinity, sovereign, stag, dragons, dragonfly, dolphins, owl, Roman, ladybirds, Atlantis

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