The sacred Isle of the Dragon 🐉

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Heart shaped rock

I’m now on the Isle of Wight known as the sacred Isle of the Dragon 🐉 It’s believed to be where Ollpheist, Mother of Dragons buried herself into the lands waiting until her time to rise and defend humanity.

I’m in Sandown which is the start of the Belinus (Dragon) Ley line AKA “the Spine of Albion” which is Britain’s longest ley north/south axis (+ passes through Winchester 😅). Belinus is also aligned to the Cygnus 🦢 constellation. I knew nothing of that lot when I booked - Surprise! 🤣

I’ve been out west to The Needles (chalk stacks) said to be her tail 🐉 and went down into the Old Artillery Battery tunnel that snakes through the cliffs to a viewpoint. One of the needles collapsed in 1764. I went up to Yaverland (East coast) today along the coast as far as I could with the incoming tide 🌊.

Rock face

The cliffs intrigued me; there even looked like a tortoise shaped head in the rock. Unsure if I was in the right location I asked for a heart shaped rock for confirmation.

The 🤍 rock + ☀️ made an appearance.

I now know Yaverland is the start of the Yang (Masculine) line of Belinus and it’s believed a chalk serpent runs from there to the Needles - another powerful energy line across IOW where many sacred sites are built + rituals + sacrifices happened. I also now know the Romans invaded here in AD43.

Other events to record; I visited Wildheart animal sanctuary - seeing any captive animals (even rescues) hurts my heart.

I read The Untethered Soul unknowingly simultaneously with Divine Masculine friend Sam 🫶 I’ve healed my hip pain, having removed the cause rather than symptom of unresolved family “bad blood”. And since the cord cut (last post) I feel much lighter and I’m receiving much more guidance and feeling amazing internally! ✨

Blessings, manifestations and signs arrive quickly now: room upgrade (heavily discounted too), gifted replacement Iphone cable, free pastries, spirit animals 🐿️🫏, free accommodation, lifts to places I need to go… Truthfully, I’m not enamoured with the island. So far, it seems run down, tired and dreary - especially the weather, but I’m happy and I’ve a while longer here, so let’s see what unfolds in the coming days…

Much love and many blessings 💚

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