At node points on the Belinus ley line⚡️

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Culver cliffs

The Isle of Wight grew on me as more days passed. 🥰

My remaining days took me to Carisbrooke Castle in the centre of the island near Newport - walking its grounds perimeter, then inside the walls and chapel. I also went to the Botanic garden cafe for brunch with a chatty robin companion that joined me, and I've taken multiple walks across the hillside and through coastal towns, finding cute Steephill Cove.

I walked miles along the beaches, visiting Bembridge, popping to a coffee shop. I got the bus back noticing I never did any energy work there 🤷‍♀️ however, I laughed as I was told to get off the bus in a remote location by my higher self and found myself walking up a hill towards a fortress, Battery + obelisk which I walked around too.

I found a pub for a Sunday lunch and then descended the several miles down Culver Cliffs which I now know is the start of the feminine ley line of Belinus, Elen.🐉

I revisited the animal sanctuary and noticed old tunnels there I hadn’t seen previously. I also found myself at Brading Roman villa, again walking its perimeter, meeting employee Polly and chatting around its Roman heritage and significance. 🦢

Afterwards, I walked a quiet road behind the villa - which I now know was near The Devil’s Punchbowl - one of the node points on the Belinus ley line where the masculine/feminine lines cross.⚡️

Mostly I did a lot of cross country walking, re-routing as paths and main roads were closed due to landslips. With buses at zero in a remote spot, I was pleased when a well timed engineer pulled up 😇 and escorted me through the road barriers saving me a five mile walk back. 😮‍💨

Now back in Winchester for a few days, Tilly cat 🐈‍⬛ seems pleased to see me, glued to me energetically. She even lay on the floor next to me while I took a bath.✨

I have already been back up St Catherine’s Hill in Winchester, finding myself walking its perimeter too. I also now know the masculine/feminine energies of the Belinus 🐉 ley line creates another node of energy current up there 🤯, similar to the intersect point on Isle of Wight and the St Michael ley line I've previously worked on. Then it was a walk back into Winchester to visit the cathedral and the still flooded crypt.

With this eclipse / new energy season, I feel physically exhausted and even unusually sad (there's been tears), but these will pass in the coming days as I intend to rest and recharge for the new cycles and have done another full moon release to remove any energetic cord regrowth. There’s work to do. 🌈

So just rolling with whatever comes my way. Much love and many blessings.🤍

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