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Isle of Wight hills
If you’ve followed Roho Rafiki® for a while you’ll know I, Stacey, choose to live my life from a rucksack following the steps of my soul; without any fear and completely unrestricted. I post regular journey updates of my experiences here.

You’ll also know the Roho Rafiki® brand is symbolic of my desire to help build a more unity conscious, connected world as we begin to become more aware and mindful of the energetic impact we each make affecting us, our planet and the lives of others on it.

On a more personal note, in recent weeks I have been guided by my higher self to release extra energies and limiting beliefs that cannot come with me on my own personal ascension journey.

It’s always tough to let go of energies as we hold on, afraid to release them or embrace change, however I feel much lighter for it. 💚

I also withdrew from the Roho Rafiki® Instagram account as I was required to be fully present in my latest adventure on the Isle of Wight and found myself on the Dragon Isle at key energetic places and node points (intersect of the masculine / feminine lines) on and near the UK’s longest ley line, Belinus, before revisiting Winchester to return to a node point of the ley line there.

After the trip I felt physically exhausted, had tears and felt other physical ascension symptoms as I purged and adjusted internally to my higher frequency capacity and the new light codes; recalibrating to accommodate and conduct the influx of energies arriving on Earth through eclipse portals and unique planetary alignments.

The impact of the these will affect ALL life on Earth in different ways.

Synchronistically, I met a Divine Masculine at a yoga retreat in Ibiza last year and we crossed paths again last Summer Solstice to anchor energies before we continued our solo journeys. It appears we've been on a parallel path since then and is returning to the UK soon so, in divine timing, let's see what happens when we meet up again.♟️🧩

Collectively, we’ve work to do and it all feels very exciting! ☀️

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